Why Archery Is the Most Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Social

Archery wasn’t always enjoyed as a sport.  This activity dates back from around 20,000BC and was originally used for hunting and protection purposes.  With modern weaponry, archery is hardly ever used to serve and protect or for self-defense.  Modern-day archery is enjoyed as a sport in range shooting and hunting.  Archery may serve a completely different purpose today but is still one of the most enjoyed sports in the world thanks to all of the amazing health benefits of this loved sport.

Why Archery Is the Most Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Social

Why Archery Is the Most Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Social

Why archery is the most fun way to stay healthy

Archery is one of those sports that don’t make you feel like you are dying while practicing.  This sport is quite intense yet doesn’t make you feel exhausted or have a huge impact on your body.  It is the perfect low impact sport for people of all ages.  Children from as early as 4 years of age can start enjoying archery all the way up to their senior years.  Archery is also great fun.  Trying to outsmart your fellow archery sportsmen can be quite crafty and nailing that bullseye is quite an accomplishment all on its own.  But this sport isn’t just fun.  It is incredibly healthy for you as well. Here are some of the top health benefits of archery:

Stress reduction – Archery keeps your mind focused on the game and gives you a good break from stress.  It is also a good way to reset your mind when you are on your way to a nervous breakdown.

Depression relief – While you are enjoying this sport you get a good break from the house, work, technology and you are exposed to social interaction, sunlight and fresh air, all of which are great for breaking that depressive state you might be struggling with.

Muscle strength – The sport is great for building strong arm, shoulder and back muscles.

Hand and eye coordination – You greatly enhance hand and eye coordination while enjoying this fun sport.

Focus and concentration – This is one of the best sports to develop good focus and concentration levels.
Weight management – During half an hour of archery practice, you will do plenty of walking and shooting which can help you burn calories and stay in shape.

Archery is social

You can choose to enjoy this sport solo or enjoy social gatherings such as range shooting or archery championships and make plenty of new friends.  This is an incredibly social sport and a great family activity.

Bow hunting gives you the most benefits

Bow hunting can be seen as the extreme level of archery.  This activity is tremendously healthy since you will get plenty of exercises while trying to make a kill.  If you want to take your archery to the next level then you should start shopping for a few hunting arrows and experience the thrill of a hunting expedition.

Archery is a fantastic sport whether you enjoy it for hunting, to promote personal health or to keep your mental health in check.  This is definitely one of the most fun ways to stay healthy and worth a shot.