Ways Your Mind Tries to Control Your Life

The mind is made in such a way that it is always looking out for us. It is always asking questions and seeking the best way out. It is cautious and even though it might be very hard to change it, it all depends on the way that people use it. people will always feel anxious, fearful, sad, or even resentful, but the way that they handle those feelings is what matters. We could let the fear or resentment eat us up, or we could learn to handle them in different ways that are more positive. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to know when the mind is trying to take control of your life.

Ways Your Mind Tries to Control Your Life

Ways Your Mind Tries to Control Your Life

When you ignore your natural inclination

The mind is always calculating, smart like a computer, but not wise. It doesn’t follow intuition, but rather demands facts. You might want to become a musician, but the mind would rather that you do what the other experts and other people did in order to succeed. This will make you ignore your dream of being a musician. The truth is that you aren’t “other people”, and neither are the experts as expert about you. If you’re good at doing something, doesn’t mean that it is what you want to do.

When you want to say no but you end up saying yes

In most instances, most people will say no instead of yes, and vice versa because they believe that there are rules that are more important than their own desires. Remember, this is a state of the mind and it is your mind that is controlling you. It is supposed to be your right to say what you believe in, and not what your mind wants.

When you constantly text or check your phone, email, or Facebook status

Who doesn’t love the internet and the essence that it has brought to our lives? That isn’t the problem, the problem is how we use it. many people won’t agree that they’re hoked to it and this is dangerous because it keeps them distracted from the present, banking on the approval of others. The solution is to set limits and remove temptation.

Female Mind Controller – Learn How to Control the Female Mind

Still on the topic of mind control, we are now going to take a look at how to control the female mind, otherwise known as brainwashing, according to femalemindcontroller.com. In this case, you’ll find that there are many people that are seeking ways to get control of female minds for romantic purposes. They seek to understand the thinking process of women, and the following are some guides:

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It is important to understand that there is a very big difference between understanding the female mindset, and taking advantage of it. the first step to understanding the female psychology is first understanding and controlling your own mind. This will effect in your deliberations. This can be done through electronic or robotic means. Women, on the other hand, are prone to emotional manipulations. Take for example, a woman invites you to her bedroom with all the best intentions, but when it comes to sex, she turns you down. If you snap and opt to read through your phone, turn on the lights, or even read your emails, her whole mindset could change. She could change the perception that she had of you. In this course, you will learn how to conquer the female psychology.


It is good to understand your mind and learn how to deal with it without letting it control you. It works in ways that keep you safe but not necessarily in the ways that you want. You can learn how to control your mind as well as that of females, like you saw above.