Ways of Hair Removal

As much as hair removal is a nuisance for most people, it is not something that we can live without. Unless of course, you are one of the few lucky ones that does not have much body hair. There are different types of hair removal and what works for one may not work out for you. People have different preferences as every method has its pros and cons. Some permanent hair removal methods are worth trying out. Some of the common hair removal methods include:

Ways of Hair Removal
Ways of Hair Removal


This is one of the most common methods used. It, however, needs to be done right to prevent incidences of ingrown hair and bumps. All you need us to shave with a safety razor which is readily available in most drug stores. As much as shaving works well with most people, it works best with bodies that have fine and thin hair. The downside of shaving is that it is not long-lasting and hence you will have to do it often.


This is whereby you apply wax to a certain body part to rip off hair from the roots. Waxing is more thorough than shaving since it removes all hair. It is also more long-lasting as hair has been removed from the roots hence it will take sometime before it grows back. It is also very affordable and you can even do it from home. The downside is that it is a painful process especially if the hairs are long and coarse. Waxing of sensitive areas can be a pain.


This is a natural hair removal method by use of sugar and lemon to remove body hairs from the root. It is almost similar to waxing only that it is organic and also less painful. It is also great for sensitive skin as the products are natural with no preservatives or whatever. It is important that since it involves removing hair from the root, it is still a painful process.


This is one of the permanent hair removal methods that people opt for. It involves the use of a laser machine to remove body hair. The laser has to be done several times before it can permanently get rid of body hair. It is also best suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair since it targets well dark hair. It can get painful if a soothing mechanism is not used as well. It is also relatively more expensive as compared to other hair removal methods. When it comes to permanent hair removal, your hormones also have a role to play.


This is also a permanent hair removal method. It is a medical process that entails putting an epilator into the hair follicle to destroy the center of hair growth. According to the FDA, it is safe for even sensitive areas and has no side effects. The downside, however, is that it is the most painful hair removal procedures. Even though it is more effective than laser, it is cheaper comparatively.