Wall Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

The “all in one big house” traditional system of living has almost ended and isolated “one family” system of living is rapidly being picked up around the world. Couples today find it more exciting to live in small apartments, penthouses, and one unit bungalows. Designing small spaces is tougher than designing huge family houses. Moreover, doing a workout in your house is easier rather than going to the gym. As you won’t miss frequent workouts and that would help you stay fit. Decorated houses tend to support you in achieving your fitness goals comfortably.

Wall Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Wall Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Here are a few super useful wall decoration ideas to give your walls a life and add beauty to your living.

  • Decorative Painting: Be bold and paint your walls with good attractive colors. You can even have textured patterns or decorative wallpapers on some of the walls to give them a bolder look than other walls. Usually, persons decorate the wall that is right opposite to the entrance of a room.
  • Huge Paintings: If you have a small wall then it’s a better idea to cover it with a big oversized painting. Being oversized the painting attracts the eye. Black and white paintings or abstract paintings with bold colors add a lot of substance to your wall.
  • Art Gallery: You may also decorate one of the walls in your small room with paintings and framed pictures to give it a gallery look. Use simple cohesive frames and black and white or pastel colored pictures to add value to the wall.
  • Showcase Fabric: Another, on the budget idea is to add tapestry or wall hanging fabric to the small wall. It adds softness to the wall and is easy to put up and pack away if you plan to have another change in the room.
  • Mirrors and Murals: placing mirrors brighten the room as the mirror reflects lights. One big mirror or several small mirrors make the room look bigger. Murals are a unique way of uplifting the wall. Either handmade or a wall covering but murals make the wall look enlightened and the room comfortable.
  • Sconces: sconces add extra light to an otherwise dull room. Put up sculptural sconces on the walls along with a painting or two and brighten up the room.
  • Shelves, hooks, and pegs: if you are short on space then add shelves and use the walls as storage areas or use hooks to hang some hats or scarves that otherwise are piled up on the floors.

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