Unhealthy Bathroom Habits to be Avoided

We’re always talking about things that should be done in the bathroom, but never about things that should be avoided. Let’s talk about some unhealthy bathroom habits that should NOT be practiced!

Unhealthy Bathroom Habits to be Avoided

Drink water from the shower head: Not only do shower heads act as breeding grounds for bacteria, yet the boiling hot water itself is additionally not filtered to drink. The heated water tank is likewise a place where bacteria lives.

Keep the shower blind shut: Mold and mildew love dark, wet surfaces, and breathing them in can trigger sensitivity and asthma problems. Besides giving the curtain a chance to let some air in, you can avoid mildew and mold by running a fan or opening a window, permitting air to circulate.

Flush with the lid up: Germs and different particles can get to be distinctly airborne when you flush, so constrain the sum clouding into the air by bringing down the cover before flushing.

Store your toothbrush on the counter: Although toothbrush holders look perfect and clean beside the sink, it’s more advantageous to put your toothbrushes away in the drug cupboard or vanity drawer. Why? Each time you flush the can, your toothbrush gets showered with bacteria. Regardless of the possibility that you put the lid down as proposed above, bacteria can at present be shot out into the air and land on your toothbrush. So gross. Keep your mouth clean by drying the bristles after every use and putting your toothbrush away.

Using Q-tips inside your ears: The name plainly states, “Don’t put a swab inside your ear canal. Entering the ear canal could bring about harm.” Along with possibly rupturing your membrane, the swab is probably going to push wax further into the ear waterway, where it should be professionally evacuated. Using cotton swabs isn’t even fundamental since earwax normally moves toward the opening of the ear trench and is sloughed off during showers and throughout the day.

Dry your hands with a hand towel at another person’s home: If a few visitors use the same hand towel subsequent to washing their hands, you’re quite recently passing their germs back onto your spotless hands. Utilize paper towels or tissues rather so you know they’re free from germs.

Using the same contact lens case for over three months: Bacteria develops on the plastic, which can exchange to your eye and cause eye diseases and infections. Replace your case like clockwork (at any rate). In the middle of replacements, clean the case after each use by washing it with your sterile contact lens solution. After that, let it air dry in order to combat bacteria growth.

Wipe from back to front: Helping to pass bacteria from your rectum to your urethra is an incredible approach to sign yourself up for an UTI or other contamination. Keep your lady business sound by wiping from front to back.

In a list of things that you should do which are regarded as ‘healthy bathroom habits’, here are a few:

  1. Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom – duh!
  2. Carry a transportable battery powered bidet to make things easier for yourself and others – double duh!
  3. Keep your towel separate.