Top Ways to Get Glorious Tanned Skin Even In Winter

It can be tough to get a beautiful tan in winter.  There is no way you are going to lie in a skimpy bikini in the chilly sun for hours just to get a tan.  There is however a few methods you can use to get beautifully tanned even in winter so you can look great in that sexy cocktail dress or have gorgeous tan legs and can wear a summer dress as soon as spring arrives.

A DIY sunless tanning solution

There are a few recipes that you can create to concoct a sunless tanning lotion of your very own.  The ingredients of homemade tanning lotions usually involved cocoa powder and lotion.  Other recipes can be made from a coffee mixture.  DIY tanning lotions may contain no harsh chemicals but it can be tough to get a mixture that actually works for your skin and most of the time the tan results will only last for a few hours and there is no way you will be able to swim.

Top Ways to Get Glorious Tanned Skin Even In Winter


There are a lot of drugstore self-tanners from well trusted brands like Nivea and Loreal that will provide you with a great tanned look.  Self-tanners vary greatly.  You can find lotions, creams, mousse and sprays to help you get gorgeous dark skin.   The self-tanners are quite affordable and some can even last up to ten days.  You should take great caution when applying a self-tanner or you might end up with uneven skin.  Self-tanners also require some after care and you need to avoid chemicals and fatty soaps or you will end up stripping the tan from your skin much too soon. You can view some reviews here.

Professional spray tan

Spray tans are some of the most durable instant tans to get.  Spray tans have the best and smoothest results and is suitable for most skin types.  There are some DIY spray tan kits available if you prefer to do your own spray tan but for the best and most enduring results, you should visit a professional tanning salon.  There are several after care product that you can use to help your tan last longer so you can cut back on tanning sessions and save a bit of money.  Even a professional spray tan can be stripped from your skin much too soon if you use products like common lotions and shower gels that have heavy chemicals or that are loaded with oils.  You should consult with your salon to find the right after care treatments that will result in a longer lasting and more even spray tan.

Tanning bed

Tanning beds are the most durable methods to get great looking tanned skin even in winter times.  You can visit a tanning salon and enjoy luxury tanning sessions of about 15 minutes a day or you can buy your very own tanning bed so you and your family can enjoy as many tanning sessions as you need.  You should always be careful when using a tanning bed and use the right UV protective lotions to prevent buns and diseases like skin cancer.