The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmets

If you really care about your health, you should take care of your safety. A chainsaw can be a very helpful and powerful tool but at the same time can be very hazardous and dangerous. It is therefore important that safety measures are always taken. When it comes to using protection you don’t have to be an expert in order to use , even though you may not be using a chainsaw often, it is very much worth it to invest in a helmet so that when you are ChainCutting you are always protected. Some of the best chain saw helmets include:

The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmets

The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmets

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet

Husqvarna is a brand is well known for making quality equipment’s. It is no surprise that its helmet made it to the list. Its helmet has UV protection meaning that it is bound to last for long. Sunlight has a big influence on how long a helmet will last as it weakens the outer shell and also leads to discoloration. UV protection therefore makes sure that it is safe from that. It also has a face guard that has a strong mesh made of steel. That means that your face will be safe from any flying debris. Normally a plastic mesh is more common than a steel mesh but a steel mesh is better since it does not fog up.

TR industrial forestry safety helmet

It is voted as one of the best when it comes to ensuring safety. In addition to the safety features, it is also comfortable and has a good pricing. When it comes to visors, you have the option of either doing plastic or mesh, it all depends on your preference. The advantage of mesh is that it does not fog up on rainy days. The advantage of plastic is that it offers full protection such that a splinter can’t make its way. This helmet gives you the option of using earmuffs if you want. Chainsaw can be very noisy and sometimes you will need hearing protection. You can use the earmuffs, adjust or remove them. It depends on your preference.

Stihl Woodcutter

Stihl is also a great brand with quality products and that includes a safety helmet. Like many safety helmets, it features a face shield and hearing protection. It is also very lightweight making sure that you can enjoy the convenience of safely using your chainsaw without being weighed down. We all know that helmets can really get hot and this helmet keeps that into consideration by having a built-in ventilation to make sure that you comfortably use your helmet.

Stens Protective Chain Saw Helmet

When it comes to affordability and functionality, it’s the helmet to go for. It meets all your safety standards and will serve you well. It comes equipped with ANSI-compliant earmuffs to make sure that your hearing is fully protected. It also has ratchet adjustment making it possible for you to adjust to the size that you want.