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The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a practice that has been going on for centuries, whereby people abstain from eating either some types of foods or all types of foods or drinks. The fasting periods vary depending on the circumstances. Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, is a cycle between eating and fasting. Some people might not know it, but fasting actually has several health benefits, some of which we are going to take a look at in this article.

The Health Benefits of Fasting
The Health Benefits of Fasting

Promotes Blood Sugar Control

The risk of conditions like diabetes is lowered when one is fasting due to the fact that it could reduce insulin resistance in the body, promoting blood sugar control. This means that the body becomes more sensitive to insulin, keeping the blood sugar steady.

Fights Inflammation

Fasting means that the body can fight off acute inflammation to promote better health.

Improves the Health of the Heart

The heart is one of the leading causes of death across the world, and its health could be improved by fasting, since it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), decreases blood pressure, and triglycerides levels. The chances of getting diabetes are also greatly lowered.

Boosts Brain Function and Prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders

One of the major health advantages of fasting is the fact that it could boost the brain function and structure through the generation of nerve cells for better cognitive function, and relieving inflammation. The nerve cell synthesis is increased, protecting people against conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that many people are struggling with. It seems almost impossible for some, while for others it is easy. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at intermittent fasting tips, by The Smart Consumer, knowing that it works with weight loss.

Tips to Make Fasting Easier

  • Drinking black coffee is known to keep you energized, and in intermittent fasting, it is important, being that it is known to suppress hunger naturally.
  • Sparkling water is known to be carbonated and with zero calories, and it is known to make one feel full due to the carbonation.
  • Diet soda also has carbonation and zero calories, like sparkling water.
  • Water can also make one feel full.
  • Keeping active will drive your mind away from food. Sitting around will most likely make you break the fact.

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan Example

Below is an example of a weight loss fasting meal plan that you could use. It consists of two meals a day. The meals should be based on body weight and goals. The meal plan below is based on a diet of 1800 calories.

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Drink black coffee at 9 am-11am
  • Drink diet soda or sparkling water at 11 am- 1 pm
  • At 1 pm, eat an 800 calorie lunch
  • Eat dinner at 5 pm, 800 calories
  • From 7 pm onwards, go for a high protein 200 calorie snack


Dieting is a great way of losing weight if you stick to a diet like the one we have mentioned above.

Is Weight Loss Achievable?

With many products out in the market that promise to help in weight loss, it is confusing to actually know what will work and what will not. As much as there are many products and all work differently, it all depends on an individual’s body. There are those who weight loss programs will take longer as compared to other though it all depends on your commitment and discipline. All in all, there are some weight loss programs that are a must try. Some of the things to keep in mind in your weight loss journey include:


As the cliché goes failing to plan is planning to fail is very much applicable also in weight loss. In order for your weight loss to be a success, you have to plan well. Planning involves setting out your strategies and goals and determines where you want to achieve. That will help you to be focused and achieve the results that you are looking for.


In order to be a success when it comes to weight loss, you have to be disciplined. Being disciplined will help you to stay focused and committed and that will influence the kid of results that you get. When it comes to work out programs, there is no way you will be able to achieve the best results if you are not committed to what you are doing.

Try different methods

As much as there are some methods that give sure results, in some cases you will have to try different methods or combine.

Working out is one of the commonly used methods that help in weight loss. This is because it helps in burning calories and fats that make one to add weight. Exercise also helps in increasing the metabolic rate which makes digestion to be easier and faster thus aiding in weight loss.

Diet is a big culprit that you cannot afford to ignore if you are looking into losing weight. Most of the time, we are a reflection of what we take in. You should aim to cut down on the intake of sugars, processed foods and junk food.  Processed sugars and junk are full of empty calories which will make you to add weight.  You should also limit your fat intake. Plant fats are safer as compared to animal fats. Being conscious of your calorie intake will help you limit the calories you take and that will help you to stay trim. Taking lots of water and vegetables will also help you in losing weight.

There are also alternative methods that you can try for weight loss. That includes hypnosis for weight loss, meditation and yoga. Alternative methods believe in altering the state of the mind in order to alter the state of the body. They believe your consciousness has a big role to play when it comes to losing weight and your eating habits. For example hypnosis believes that changing the subconscious will make you keener on the lifestyle you will maintain.…

How Is Healthy Lifestyle More Than Just Weight Loss?

When you hear the word ‘healthy lifestyle’, the thing that might click your mind is losing weight and getting in shape. No doubt these are key factors, but this is not all you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Suppose that you have a perfectly-shaped body but you are dealing with depression. Is this really good for your wellbeing? Of course, not! There are some more things you should consider to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is good for your body as well as the mind. What are those things? Read ahead to find out:

Goal setting:

You should set lifestyle goals and engage yourself in achieving them. SMART is an acronym used in the business world to describe the guidelines to achieve them. You can reach goals only if they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. If any of this is missing. There are very low chances that you can achieve what you want. Let’s say you set some unrealistic goal and when you are unable to achieve, it brings nothing but stress. Similarly, if the goals are not specific, you wouldn’t know where to put your efforts. You can also set more than one goals, but prioritize them. And, be kind to yourself.


You need to focus on all your four needs physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By paying attention to only your physical needs, you are interfering with your efforts. Chronic stress reduces your energy level and gives a boost to cortisol level which results in helping the larger fat cells. Do creative things and attend to your emotional needs to combat your stress. Depression and stress can eat your brain up. So not let it take over your mind. Stay engaged and fight this chronic disease.


When you are sleeping, your body repair and renew itself. Here we are not talking about sleeping is any time. Timing is crucial. The time before midnight is the time when your body makes good changes. It is imperative to get enough sleep at right time particularly if you are working muscles. This is about circadian rhythm and hormone release. The best times to sleep are Midnight to 8 am or 10 pm to 6 am. Moreover, it matters what you do before going to bed. Avoid caffeinated drinks and turn off screens to get good and sound sleep.

Keep your appearance good:

It matters how you look. Wear tidy clothes, have a good haircut, and keep up your appearance. Good appearance brings positive vibes. If you find it difficult to keep your hair well-cut and in style, get a right pair of the clipper. Having it handy can save you money on haircuts. You won’t have to go to a barber shop every time you need to get your hair or facial hair in shape. Help yourself and sharpen your looks by owning the best hair clippers. Create your style at home.

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Some Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

There is a possibility that you would like to avoid getting back into shape because you know that it will take a lot of hard work and you might even feel that getting into shape can be painful for you. This is one reason why people would like to make excuses regarding staying in shape. They would like to avoid this as much as possible.

Do you know that there are some ways that will help you get into shape without having to let go of the fun factor? Being healthy can help you out a lot. Not only will you avoid getting into a hospital, you may also get enough knowledge so that you can become qualified to become part of the Hopeful Hospitalist’s list.

Some Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

Would you like to know some of the ways that you can stay in shape now without having to encounter some problems? Here are some of the things that you ought to do and accomplish:

  • If you are following a certain fitness routine, you know that you can mix up your routine with the other routines that you have researched about. Make sure that doing all the routines are safe for you so that you will not over exert yourself and have some problems because of this afterwards. You may get to know more here.
  • Try to incorporate more vegetable dishes in your diet. You may think that this is boring and it is not fun at all but you have to remember that it is possible for you to like it if it would be up to you to find the right vegetable dishes. Gone are the days when the vegetable dishes that you are going to do are immediately bad. There are a lot of great vegetable dishes at present time.
  • Sleep and let your body rest. You have to remember that sleeping can be fun because you are letting your body to replenish what it has lost throughout the day because of the things that you have done. Sleeping is also fun because it can help you become relaxed and feel better the next day.
  • Dance in order to lose weight and become fitter. Do you know that dancing can help you lose a lot of calories depending on the type of dance that you are going to do? You know that you will sweat out your excess calories and at the same time, you will have fun following the various dance moves that you can possibly do. No need to worry about this a lot.
  • You can try being picky with the food that you eat. You might think again that this is not fun but then again, being a picky eater will allow you to act like a kid again and you may think that this is a good thing because you will feel like a kid and at the same time, you will also let go of food that are not good for you.

Do you think that the things that are mentioned above are fun ways that can help you lose the excess weight that you have? Put a lot of effort into it to be sure to make it work well.…

Forskolin for Fat Reduction will Help You Live a Healthy Life

It would be wonderful if this supplement from the mint family held the magic formula for weight loss and perfect health. It doesn’t, but it will help. Combining this supplement with a well-balanced diet and an exercise regimen can lead to a reduction in pesky belly fat and excess weight

Forskolin, whose formal name is, coleus forskolin, is extracted from the Plectranthus Barbatus plant and has been used as medicine for centuries. It is believed to used anti-microbial and other anti-inflammatory properties; however modern testing has not proven these claims conclusively.

So, how does all of this work? The plant’s properties activate the enzyme known to stimulate hormones responsible for burning fat. The short version of all of the research and medical testing shows that many overweight and obsess people share low levels of cAMP.

cAMP or adenylate cyclase is an enzyme with beneficial cellular functions is the catalyst for stimulating the hormones that burn the fatty tissues in the body. Thermogenesis causes the internal temperature of the body to increase which increases metabolism. The Forskolin stimulates the cAMP which stimulates the thermogenesis which burns the fat.


None of this is really going to be as effective without the proper diet and exercise. So many foods are known to increase fats, and sedentary lifestyle will allow the fat to build. Another good help in burning fat is staying hydrated. Add water to your diet to help flush out toxins and waste.

There are side effects and other health concerns associated with using Forskolin. Beginning with concerns for anyone with heart disease to be certain anyone with past heart complications or taking certain blood thinners should avoid using the supplement. Of course as with any supplement, a pharmacist or doctor should be consulted to be sure that there are no complications with other medications. There have been reports of severe nausea and dizziness.


It is not recommended during pregnancy or while breast feeding unless approved by a doctor. There is no report on the effects for children, but to be safe anyone under 18 should not use Forskolin. For an adult, there are normally no issues other than the ones listed above so there should be no problem using Forskolin to jump start a healthier lifestyle.


Starting off with a low dose is the safest way to get started using the supplement; trying it for a few days to test the side effects. After a few days if everything goes well, it should be ok to increase the dose. It is always best to talk to a professional before going any further.

Increasing activity with a healthier diet are the best way to burn fat and become more healthy, but for some people just need a little more help and that is okay, just be sure to be smart about it.