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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Whether it’s an issue about money, a problem at work, or a misunderstanding in the family, all of us experience stress sometimes. According to American Psychological Association, at least 33 percent of Americans are suffering with extreme stress.

While there are many treatments available out there, such as medication and therapy, to lessen the amount of stress that people feel, most of these are expensive, and the process usually takes time to work. So what you can do to avoid, or at least reduce the level of stress in your life? Here are some ways to do it:

Be active.

Exercise is not just great for enhancing your body, but it’s also excellent for improving your overall well-being. When you exercise, your body produces a high level of feel-good neurotransmitters, known as endorphins. These are brain chemicals that help relieve pain and lower the level of stress that your body feels. In addition, exercise helps you boost your mood and confidence. When you’re in the mood and feel great, you’re able to focus more on what causes your stress and eventually find a solution. So if you’re stressed, include exercise in your daily routine. It’s also great if you consider outdoor exercise, as studies show that the color of nature and fresh air help your body become more relaxed.


Give yourself some time to relax.

Relaxation is a great way to get rid of stress in your life, so even if you’re a busy person, always find time to relax. Keep in mind that relaxation is not just about sitting in one place and not doing anything. You can also relax by doing some things that you really enjoy. Take some mini-vacations at least once a month, then visit some place that you’ve never been to; or spend your weekends together with your family and have some picnics near a park; or try to attend a class to learn things that you really like, such as gardening, cooking, or knitting. Simple things like these can greatly help you reduce the stress that you’re feeling.

Avoid unhealthy habits.

When people are stressed, they tend to drink more alcohol, smoke more, and eat unhealthy meals to calm themselves down. Sure, these things can provide some sort of relief, but that’s only temporary and they don’t make the problem disappear. Worse, they even create newer problems. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and eating unhealthy food take a toll on your health, which cause more stress and frustration. If you want to truly feel better, avoid these unhealthy habits, and tackle your issues in a healthier and better way.

Get some help.

Experts say that one big problem why we sometimes feel so depressed and stressed is because when we’re doing something, we become so obsessed about it that we even forget to rest. People have a tendency to overwork – doing all things even if it’s already beyond their capabilities. And that leads to stress. To avoid stress, you should learn how to limit yourself. Don’t try to do everything. Learn how to prioritize and manage your time. If you need to delegate some few tasks to others, then do it. If managing your finances cause you stress, then hire an accountant or bookkeeper to do the job for you. (Visit www.bookkeeperco.com.au for more information.) Things like these will greatly help you avoid stress in your life.