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Get Fit at Your Desk

So many of us have fallen victim to a sedentary lifestyle because we find ourselves trapped behind a computer screen sitting at a desk. We wonder how we can possibly sneak in some exercise when the cubicle absorbs most of our waking hours. But, there are ways to get fit at your desk. You might be surprised by some of these suggestions, but they are well worth considering.

Have you ever heard of a treadmill desk? If you haven’t, click here! They are undeniably one of the best ways to workout while you are at work. Sitting in a chair all day can really do a number to your back. So, staying active while being forced to remain in your cubicle is highly advisable. You can improve your cardio activities with a treadmill desk, or at the very least, consider some of our other suggestions.

5 Exercises to Do in the Office

Those in the infographics department over at the Washington Post took some suggestions from people whose sole job is fighting obesity, studying movement, and basically getting people to get up off their rears. They evaluated a number of suggestions from these supposed experts and decided that several of them could be regularly incorporated into the average workday. Here are 5 exercises to do in the office:

  1. Old School Dance Move- This was called “raising the roof,” back in the day (learn more). Add some marching in place while you lift your hands, palms up, toward the ceiling. If you think you need a little extra exertion, you can always add bottles of water to your hands as you do this. They recommend twenty reps. Hopefully you’re shorter than your cubicle, otherwise you will definitely be drawing attention.
  2. Arm Skiing– Again, you will be marching in place, but you will move your arms backwards like you’re pushing off on a pair of skiis. Of course, you will need to bend at the hips to give the whole skiing approach while making the arm movements. Again, if you want to add to the intensity level, put water bottles in your hands. Twenty reps are the recommendation here as well.
  3. Ice Skate in Place– In this exercise you keep one arm straight as you bring one leg up towards your posterior. Allow the opposite arm to bend. Essentially imagine what it would look like if you were trying to ice skate (read this) in place and you will have this one down. Stick to the 20 rep recommendation here as well.
  4. Get Your Praise On- Step from one side to the other as you swing your arms, in unison, over your head. This almost looks like a hallelujah dance. Feel free to shout, “Hallelujah” if it won’t get you fired. It will at least make the whole thing more fun for you!
  5. Mike Tyson– Use alternating arms to punch from one side to the other. At the same time, rock from one foot to the other. Just to ensure you don’t injure your elbows, be sure you not to straighten your arms all the way out. You probably won’t have the punch power of Tyson, but you can always pretend.

Keep in mind that we have not given you all the suggestions provided by the Washington Post. But, if you think that some of these could be useful, you might want to read the whole article here.