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Health Benefits of Chicken

As much as chicken is commonly consumed as a source of protein, many people under estimate their benefits. There are very common as a strong source of protein and the most common consumed form of poultry in the world. Beef is commonly used as a source of protein as well, but it is red meat which is different from chicken which is white meat. Red meat is harder to digest and hence it is not advisable to take often. So that leaves chicken as the preferred option. Good thing with chicken is that there are many recipes that one can play around with to break monotony and help you enjoy your meal.

Health Benefits of Chicken

Some of the health benefits of chicken include:

Good source of protein

Chicken has high protein content which is vital for our health. Protein is loaded with amino acids which is the building our body muscles. That explains why body builders take protein supplements. The protein intake however is normally in proportion to the body weight.

Good source of vitamins and minerals

Chicken is not only a good source of protein but also a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with vitamin B which has many uses in the body such as preventing eye problems, dealing with skin disorders, boosting immunity, helping in digestion, regulating the nervous system. Vitamin B is as responsible for preventing lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and high cholesterol among many others.

Chicken is loaded with vitamin A that is responsible for good eyesight.  It has vitamin D that aids in absorption of calcium and strengthening of bones. Chicken has iron, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus among many others. They are responsible for keeping anemia at bay, ensuring optimum brain functioning and bone health as well as dental care and any metabolic issues.

Weight loss

Many high protein diets aid in weight loss as they have low levels of calories and are mainly responsible for building muscles.

Reduced cholesterol

Chicken does not have high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat like red meat therefore the American Heart Association advices people to take white meat like chicken to prevent heart diseases.

Control of blood pressure

Chicken has been for a long time been associated with keeping blood pressure in control. This is especially common for those suffering from hypertension.

Relief from common cold

Warm chicken broth has been for a long time been used for relief from common cold eliminating symptoms such as congested nose and sore throat.

As seen above, it is worth incorporating chicken into your diet if you have not already done. With chicken, you can either take the route of doing breeding on your own or purchasing chicken for consumption. If you decide to do breeding, you can get more guidance on https://thechickenhub.com.  As much as all chicken may have the same nutritional value, the quality of the meat that you will buy will have a big impact and that is why some people prefer doing breeding on their own.