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Balancing Boards – The New and Fun Way to Get Fit

It is always good to give a new workout trend a try every now and then.  With new workout trends you get to enjoy an all new exercise, you get to have plenty of fun and laughs with friends and new workouts are terrific for discovering a technique with better weight loss and body building results than you have experienced thus far.  The latest workout trend that everyone seems to be obsessing about is simple but great fun.  Balance boarding is the new and fun way to get fit and healthy and it is definitely worth your time to give this terrific exercise a shot.

Balancing Boards – The New and Fun Way to Get Fit

What is a balancing board?

There are quite a few different types of balance boards out there but they have one main function and that is to develop your balancing skills.  Balancing is terrific for toning your body.  So many athletes use balance training to strengthen their muscles and this type of workout is also greatly used by physio therapists for physical and personal development.  Balance boarding is also great fun.  A balance board basically consists of a flat standing service followed by a rocker or roller.  When you stand on the board you have to try to maintain your balance while doing certain movements.  These movements can be targeted to strengthen your core, your stomach or your legs or it can be to improve your balance in general. The major categories for these boards are rocker boards, spring boards, wobble boards and more.

What can a balance board do for your body?

Balance boards have many terrific benefits.  They help you strengthen your core, improve your posture, strengthen muscles, improve your flexibility and they are terrific for toning your body.

Yes, they are kid friendly!

One of the best benefits of balancing boards is the fact that they are kid friendly.  The entire family can enjoy balancing boards and kids absolutely love them because they are so challenging and fun.  Bouncing boarding has many benefits to kids such as improved balanced, improved flexibility, great muscle strengthening and much more.

Bet better results from these workouts

When you combine workouts with resistance and balancing you get optimized results from the same workouts.  Here are the top workouts that you can try on a balancing board;

Forward and backward tilts – These are terrific for improving your ankle muscles and also has a great effect on your spine and stomach.

Side tilts – Side tilts focuses on the same basic areas as forward and backward tilts but only targets different muscles.

Squats – Squats are much harder on a balancing board and gives you much better but lifting and leg toning results because you have to focus so hard to stay on top of your board.

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SmoothBalancing.com is the best website to check out for more information on these fun boards.  This site features information on all of the different boards that you can get as well as information on the different workouts that you can do to target certain areas of your body.