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The Best (and Safest) Way to Clean Your Hard-Working Knives

It is important that we clean our kitchen knives well since it will not only make them last longer, but because they are used to cut food that we eat. Using dirty knives to cut the food that we are eating could cause us health infections that could be dangerous to us. We should always use clean utensils in the kitchen and on the table, and that includes kitchen knives. That is why in this article, we are going to discuss the best and safest way to clean your kitchen knives.

The best way that you should clean a kitchen knife is to hand wash it in soapy water as soon as you’re done with it. This should be done with soap and water, and it won’t give the food time to dry on it. Dry food on the blade makes it harder to clean.

The Best (and Safest) Way to Clean Your Hard-Working Knives

Another tip is to clean it slowly and carefully, always pointing the sharp side away from your fingers. Using a sponge or dishcloth, you should clean the blade while wiping away from your fingers. This way, there is very little risk of cutting yourself. Alternatively, you can clean the knife when it is lying flat on a counter, cleaning each side individually.

In the event that there is dried food, you might want to soak the knife in water for some time to allow it to soften before washing it. Scrubbing the dried food hard could end up with cutting yourself.

Avoid putting knives in dishwashers, and especially the high quality blades, since the abrasive detergent, hot water, and rubbing against other utensils could make them go blunt prematurely, while wooden handles could get damaged. They could also end up damaging the dishwasher.

How to Clean Rust Stains off your Steak Knives

Sometimes the knives could develop rust stains, and we are now going to look at how we can clean rust off steak knives. Carbon steel is used to make high end knives, and is very prone to rusting, meaning that you’ll have to take special care with such knives.

  • Rust remover – this is probably the best solution, and it can remove even the most stubborn rust stains on your knives.
  • Vinegar – soak the knives in vinegar for about an hour. Vinegar happens to be one of the most popular methods of removing rust from knives and other metallic utensils at home.
  • Lemon juice – soak the knives in lemon juice, or slice a lemon and place the slices over the spots that have rusted. Lemon has always been known to break down rust.


Keeping our utensils clean is very important because it pertains directly to our health. Utensils like kitchen knives can actually become quite tricky since they are usually very sharp, and we could end up cutting our fingers. By following the simple steps that we have outlined above, you should be able to clean the knives safely and properly. Try to steer away from dishwashers when washing the knives since they are sharp and could end up damaging the dishwasher and causing it to rust inside.