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Benefits of Children Playing Outside

Play is something that is important for all children, the key thing being that they are safe and keeping healthy while at it. Play is healthy for children in many ways since it helps them to grow physically, mentally, and socially. There are many different types of games that kids can play, whether indoor or outdoor. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of playing outside.

Benefits of Children Playing Outside
Benefits of Children Playing Outside

Builds physically healthier children

The outdoors has plenty of space making it the perfect place to do all sorts of things such as running and jumping. During this time, a child uses motor skills, which improve the more than the child does those outdoor activities. There is also a lot of exercises when children run, jump, play ball, and other outdoor activities. Lastly, they are exposed to the sun, which is a good source of Vitamin D.

Contributes to cognitive and social/emotional development

One of the best things about children playing outdoors is the fact that they learn and develop skills such as cognitive and social skills. They become more creative as they learn how to use their abilities to their advantage. Playing alongside other kids builds their social skills. The fresh air also lowers their stress levels.

Improves sensory skills

According to an optometry and vision science study, kids that played outdoors have better vision as compared to their counterparts that played indoors. They tend to learn a lot through their senses, such as hearing the buzz of an insect or seeing a certain animal for the first time.

How to Get Your Kid Away from Screens and Playing Outside (Willingly!)

Having looked at the above reasons for playing outdoors, it is probably time that you got the kids out of the house so that they can play, willingly. There are many ways to go outside and be active such as the ones we are going to look at below.

Limit Screen Time

You need to put a limit to the time that the kids spend watching television, something that can be difficult in the beginning. Once the kids get used to the new rules, it will become automatic to them.

Make Outside Fun

One way of making the kids want to go and play outdoors is to make the outdoors fun. Give the kids motivation to actually go outside and play. Get them bigger toys that will require the outdoors. A trampoline is a good way to get the younger kids out of the house.

Make Outside Comfortable

Make it comfortable being out there, during the summer, add a shade where the kids can play. In the winter, give them the right gear to wear, and the right things to excite them such as sleds.

Reward Good Choices

Reward the kids whenever they do something good as it will further motivate them. Give them special treats when they play outside, such as some ice cream after playing outside on a hot day, or hot cocoa during a cold day.

Go Outside with Them

Show the kids that outside is actually exciting by joining them. Play with them, go on hikes or bike rides together. Make the kids enjoy the outdoors without even realizing they are outdoors.


We should all encourage our kids to play outdoors due to the health advantages that come with it. using the tips mentioned above will get them out there.