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If You Go Tanning, Make Sure to Take Care of Your Skin

While most people know that UV light from tanning can be harmful to the skin, some people simply prefer to be tan. While there may be limited options to help lessen your risk of skin cancer due to UV exposure if you choose to use a tanning bed, you can take care of your skin in ways to help improve its appearance and texture.

So, if your idea of a good night out is to hit a tanning booth, here are some tips for taking care of your skin during and after the process.

If You Go Tanning, Make Sure to Take Care of Your Skin

Invest in the Right Lotions

The best tanning bed lotion can provide benefits beyond a darker tan. Many contain a variety of moisturizers designed to keep skin soft and supple, helping to improve both the look and feel of your skin after tanning.

While these lotions don’t offer any protection from damaging UV rays, and won’t lessen your risk of skin cancer, they can help prevent or repair dry, cracked skin while you tan.

Limit Your Time

Some people don’t realize that the UV light emitted by tanning beds can actually cause sunburns, just like being out in the sun. And, having even five sunburns over the course of your life can increase your risk of developing deadly skin cancer by 80 percent.

If you are going to go tanning, make sure you keep the time you spend in a bed as limited as possible. While the UV light can still cause damage, and up your risk of developing cancer, it is worse if you get a sunburn in the process.

Disinfect the Bed Before Tanning

A lesser known risk of using a tanning bed is the chance to develop a skin infection. Most customers to a tanning salon tan nude to avoid tan lines and that can lead to bacteria on the bodies being transferred to the tanning bed itself.

Bacteria like staph can be found on tanning beds that aren’t properly disinfected, as well as fecal matter from the previous customers. Exposure to any such bacteria can increase your risk of developing an infection, some of which can even turn deadly. So, before you decide to lay down, make sure the surfaces are well disinfected.

Use Antibacterial Soap After Tanning

Even if you do your best to disinfect the surfaces prior to tanning, you may still be exposed to bacteria if you miss any spot. After you finish tanning, consider taking a shower and washing with antibacterial soap. This can help kill any bacteria you incidentally came in contact with and may lower your chance of developing an infection.

After your shower, make sure to put on clean clothes. Otherwise, bacteria that transferred from your skin to the fabric may end up back on your skin if you simply get dressed in the clothes you wore after tanning.

Monitor Your Skin

Even if you never develop a burn from a tanning bed, being exposed to UV light increases your risk of developing skin cancer. This makes it wise to regularly check your skin for suspicious moles or rashes that could indicate you have cancer. Additionally, consider scheduling regular appointments with a dermatologist who is qualified to monitor your skin for changes, especially for areas of the body that are hard for you to see, like your back or under your hair.

If you insist on tanning, make sure to take care of your skin. Otherwise, you may find yourself in worse trouble than if you took additional care steps earlier on.

The Most Fun Ways to Get Beautiful

There is a saying that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.  The statement may be a bit hurtful to some but it does carry some truth. It is important to do as much as you can to improve your looks because if you look good, you feel good.  Looking good requires a lot of hard work, exercising, money and knowledge about beauty products and methods but it can also be great fun if you do the beauty methods and tricks the right way.

The Most Fun Ways to Get Beautiful

Get a tan

Tanned skin helps fight the signs of aging and hides some uneven dark spots and scarring.  Tanned skin is also greatly linked to higher energy levels and a positive personality.  The most fun way to get a beautiful tan is to get a tan in a tanning bed or go for a few tanning sessions at a salon.  You should avoid sun tanning because sun tanning has some tremendous disadvantages like skin cancer and dark marks.  Tanning beds are specially designed to give you a good and even tanned look with absolutely no effort to you.  You can just lie back and relax while your body gets beautifully bronze.  Visit turnmedark.com right now to view all the tanning methods and tips and tricks for the best tanning results.


Who does not love shopping?  A few sets of new clothes can greatly improve your overall look and you will feel terrific.  Just be sure to find the right fit for your body shape and keep fashion trends in mind when you go shopping.  You should also file through all your old clothes and invest in a few items like scarves to jazz up old outfits.

Get a new haircut

Haircuts are always terrific for giving you a fresh and new look and will help you appear groomed.  Haircuts are fun because you get to try new styles to find a cut that suits your face shape and you will be treated luxurious in the hair salon.  You should try and go all out with your hair at least once in your life.  If you have always dreamt of getting a pixie cut then now is the time to give it a try.  The great part about hair is that they always grow back.

Manicure and pedicure

You should never underestimate the importance of good looking nails and feet.  During job interviews, managers will often look at your nails to see if you are putting effort into your looks.  If you don’t have the time to do your nails properly, you probably won’t have time to do your job properly.  A manicure is great fun because you can try out a new set of nails each time you visit the salon.

Mini makeover

A mini makeover can do wonders for your face. Makeup artists are trained to work with various face shapes to get the best look.  You can catch a few makeup tips while the artist improves your overall look and start copying the makeup look on a daily basis.  A new and fresh look is always great to make you look interesting and fun.…

Top Ways to Get Glorious Tanned Skin Even In Winter

It can be tough to get a beautiful tan in winter.  There is no way you are going to lie in a skimpy bikini in the chilly sun for hours just to get a tan.  There is however a few methods you can use to get beautifully tanned even in winter so you can look great in that sexy cocktail dress or have gorgeous tan legs and can wear a summer dress as soon as spring arrives.

A DIY sunless tanning solution

There are a few recipes that you can create to concoct a sunless tanning lotion of your very own.  The ingredients of homemade tanning lotions usually involved cocoa powder and lotion.  Other recipes can be made from a coffee mixture.  DIY tanning lotions may contain no harsh chemicals but it can be tough to get a mixture that actually works for your skin and most of the time the tan results will only last for a few hours and there is no way you will be able to swim.

Top Ways to Get Glorious Tanned Skin Even In Winter


There are a lot of drugstore self-tanners from well trusted brands like Nivea and Loreal that will provide you with a great tanned look.  Self-tanners vary greatly.  You can find lotions, creams, mousse and sprays to help you get gorgeous dark skin.   The self-tanners are quite affordable and some can even last up to ten days.  You should take great caution when applying a self-tanner or you might end up with uneven skin.  Self-tanners also require some after care and you need to avoid chemicals and fatty soaps or you will end up stripping the tan from your skin much too soon. You can view some reviews here.

Professional spray tan

Spray tans are some of the most durable instant tans to get.  Spray tans have the best and smoothest results and is suitable for most skin types.  There are some DIY spray tan kits available if you prefer to do your own spray tan but for the best and most enduring results, you should visit a professional tanning salon.  There are several after care product that you can use to help your tan last longer so you can cut back on tanning sessions and save a bit of money.  Even a professional spray tan can be stripped from your skin much too soon if you use products like common lotions and shower gels that have heavy chemicals or that are loaded with oils.  You should consult with your salon to find the right after care treatments that will result in a longer lasting and more even spray tan.

Tanning bed

Tanning beds are the most durable methods to get great looking tanned skin even in winter times.  You can visit a tanning salon and enjoy luxury tanning sessions of about 15 minutes a day or you can buy your very own tanning bed so you and your family can enjoy as many tanning sessions as you need.  You should always be careful when using a tanning bed and use the right UV protective lotions to prevent buns and diseases like skin cancer.…