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Shaving tips for men for healthier skin

Even though facial hair is back with a vengeance and many men are sporting beards and mustaches yet again there are still those that prefer a clean shave. Shaving isn’t bad for your health unless you are doing it wrong. There are a few ways to keep your skin healthy and your shave more comfortable. There is nothing worse for a guy than having to deal with a rash after shaving or a painful burning skin that just cannot be soothed by anything including a frozen pack of peas. Take a look at some of those helpful tips in this article. Get rid of those whiskers or stubble in a fun and prepared way.

Shaving tips for men for healthier skin

Preparation is important

It really won’t help to jump up at the last minute before going to work and rushing through a shave, it is important to be prepared as with everything else. You don’t want to cause friction by not having that extra protection on your skin. Razor burns and cuts can easily be avoided by preparing your skin with a pre-shave soap and warm water. You will have the opportunity to remove excess skin. Your skin and the hair will also soften with the warm water. Click here to learn how to better care for razor burn or cuts.

Invest in good shaving cream

Unfortunately most men will purchase the cheapest shaving cream or just settle for regular soap as lather. It is very important to have a great textured shaving cream that provides more lubrication for your skin. The wonderful benefit of good shaving cream is that you will enjoy moisturized skin and a smoother shave. You will also find that you need to use less shaving cream if you are using the good stuff.

A good electric shaver

Electric shaving is fantastic and saves a lot of time for guys in the morning. It is convenient and gives you the benefit of a close and neat shave. You can basically enjoy your shave anywhere and anytime of the day. It is important to take a look at these helpful electric shaver reviews to get the best advice on purchasing the most suitable shaver for your needs.

Shave your neck last

It is no secret that the neck area is the most sensitive part to shave and that guys easily skip a few hairs in that region. You can usually do your lip and chin area first and then focus on your neck area. It is a good idea to tilt your back and make sure that you reach every park. Click here to learn more about shaving your neck effectively.

Rinse with cold water

It is important to always rinse with cold water so that your pores have a chance to close. You need to pat your skin dry after a shave instead of rubbing it.  It is also a very good idea to use and after-shave lotion so that your skin is soothed and moisturized after every shave.