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Naturally Drive Away Stressful Fleas and Ticks with Eucalyptus Trees 

Have you ever taken your dog somewhere and have stressed over what they may have gotten going into forests? Fleas and ticks are everywhere and can cause some great headache for pet owners.

These insects can be minimized by using chemical controls when it is used regularly. This method can be costly. Also, there are times when you always relied on the same chemical controls all the time; the insects can build immunity towards it. The result is, this method can be useless. Alternatively, there are other natural ways to get around with fleas and ticks. The best and natural way is by having Eucalyptus tree inside the house and in the yard.

The fragrant of the eucalyptus is absolutely great. At the same time, its aroma can be very helpful to get rid of fleas and ticks. Even with a single tree, you are able to get rid of the pests in the entire yard. If in case, the plant does not match the weather in your area, you are able to grow it inside the house. You simply need to place it somewhere near the sunny window so as the aroma can circulate in the house. Putting a few leaves in your pet’s bed can also be a great idea.

When your yard can be able to grow a eucalyptus tree and is spacious, you may want to plant a rainbow eucalyptus tree. This unique tree looks stunning as it has a bark that is multi-colored.

Once the tree is already established in your yard or garden, you can see how fast it will grow. Because of its height, you can put a bench near it as the tree can give sun shade. The leaves that it will have are broad. It can be as broad as 6 inches in length. This leaf when crushed will give the good aroma. Not like the other eucalyptus trees, the rainbow type does not give off the similar scent coming from the bark. Once the tree already matured from its small seed, it will begin to produce buds that will blossom eventually. Read more at http://www.asklepios-seeds.de/gb/eucalyptus-deglupta-seeds.html

During the year, the bark of the tree will continue to change. The old bark will simply peel off then you can see that underneath it is another nice looking colorful new bark. The colors range from greenish to yellowish then orange, purple and then grey. Since the colors will blend, it will provide nothing but the rainbow effect like what its name implies. The colors of the bark would greatly rely on the climate where it is planted. Also, the naturally occurring resources will produce the range and depth of the colors. The fully grown tree has different colors of bark. Altogether, it can give off a great display coming from a small seed right to the actual tree size.

Because of the multi colored trunk of the tree, the rainbow eucalyptus is likewise cultivated as ornamental plant. This grows fast and this creates a good plant for the production of timber.