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A Cleaner Environment for A Healthy You

The environment we live in has a direct impact on the state of our bodies. This therefore means a clean environment will make sure that you are healthy. If the environment is not clean then it is polluted. We are responsible for either polluting our environment or cleaning our environment.  Not only will a dirty environment affect our mental health but it can also affect the physical health as well. The main environmental factors that come into play when it comes to pollution and affects our health is air and water pollution though other forms of pollution may affect our health too.

A Cleaner Environment for A Healthy You

Air pollution

This is mainly as a result of burning especially fossil fuels. When we breathe in the air that is mixed with chemicals we expose ourselves to risks of respiratory diseases such as asthma. Most of the contaminated air will lead to respiratory inflammation. Most air pollutants are carcinogenic in nature and the increase the chances of getting cancer. Pollution has also been known to cause heart problems which can be deadly.  The chemicals released in the air through air pollution are absorbed by plants and water which we are likely to take in and will cause diseases.

Water pollution

Pollution is likely to affect water which has high chances of affecting our health. We need water to survive and have to take water that stems from the environment. Water pollution can lead to water borne diseases such as typhoid and amoebiasis. If the water is polluted by chemicals such as agrochemicals, heavy metals or hydrocarbon it may lead to damage of the nervous system as well as hormonal and reproductive problems among others. Mercury in the water may cause Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease which may lead to death. Polluted water may cause skin diseases such as rashes.

Sine we know the adverse effects pollution can cause to our health, it is worth investing on conserving the environment. Garbage should be disposed correctly. This can be through garbage collection companies that can supply the skip bins and take them whenever they are full. Plastic and other inorganic materials should be recycled to avoid wastage. Any items that can be reused should be reused for maximum utility from an item. It is also important to get what we need so as to avoid wastage. You should not consume more than you need. Garbage should also be disposed categorically though this is done by some companies thus it is good to consult your garbage collection company first.


As much as we are the biggest players in keeping the environment clean, the city council has a major role in managing the environment.  For proper management however good leaders are needed and good leaders may be a challenge to get since the roles may be political. That is why there are nonprofit organizations such as Philly3.0 that work to ensure the city council has proper  leaders elected that can be able to deliver a good job for a cleaner environment.