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Fun Gadgets that Will Keep You Healthy

Staying fit and healthy sounds like such hard work. Most folks get tired just thinking about it. However, this is no excuse to compromise on your health. Things, like exercising, running, or even brushing your teeth, seem too much after a hard day of work. Well, we believe an effective way to get you motivated is to integrate an element of amusement into your health regimen.

There is no better way to do that using some cool gadgets and gizmos. These gadgets will not only please your inner geek, they keep you healthy and happy as well. Digital gadgets make it fun to keep up with your health and you will end up looking forward to using these. Not only that, they happen to be more accurate and effective than the conventional methods.

For your assistance, here is a list of fun gadgets that help you to stay healthy:


This gadget is by far the coolest one on the list. It integrates a new innovative technology that keeps a track of your eating habits. The fork works on the principle that eating too fast leads to indigestion and obesity. Eating slowly will help you gain more control over your weight. When you eat faster, you tend to eat more as your hunger is typically sated after 20 minutes. The fork helps you keep a steady slow pace and vibrates gently if you eat too fast. It measures how long it took to finish your meal, the number of fork servings in a meal and the interval between servings. It comes with an app as well that will coach you to improve your eating habits for a healthier meal without cutting down on the calories.

Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wands:

Hot or cold packs are outdated! An innovation has replaced these packs, i.e. the Cold/Hot Pain Relief Wands. They can be cooled down to 6.11C and can be heated up to 40C in just a minute. You do not need to wait around in excruciating pain while your packs get frozen, instead, just switch the wand to cold and get instant pain relief. It is used to reduce pain, muscles soreness or to stimulate circulation.

Portable Water Purifier:

When traveling the outdoors, one of the essential items is a water purifier. A great device that can be extremely helpful in the case of an emergency. You never know when you might run out of the water. You cannot just drink any water you find, you need to purify it first, otherwise, you might end up sick. Most purifiers are incredibly fast and remove bacteria, viruses within 45 seconds.

Electric Flosser:

Who loves going to the dentist? Nobody! However, the oral health is imperative. Therefore, if you would like to avoid painful visits to the dentist, it is better to keep good oral hygiene. Mostly this involves brushing, flossing, and washing your mouth with suitable lozenges. However, if you want better hygiene, you should go for an electric air flosser. The air flosser helps remove all food particles that the traditional flosses fail to remove. One such gadget is the Philips Sonicare Airfloss. It uses a rapid burst of wair with microdroplets of water or mouthwash. This will leave your mouth feeling fresher. Keepteethfresh.com is solely dedicated to oral hygiene that offers a full Philips Sonicare Review. The review entails detailed specifications as well as the pros and cons of the device. The device is portable, so you can use it easily while traveling as well. It removes germs, particles, keeps your mouth fresh and healthy.