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Fun Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

They say that dog is man’s best friend but cats sure do the silliest and craziest things. These furry companions are always up to something unexpected and their charismatics can put quite a smile on your face.  Cats are also very cozy to snuggle with and these four-legged friends are always ready to spin away your worries with their soothing purr.

While it is important to mind your own health, it is even more important to pay attention to your pet’s health.  They cannot talk to tell you whenever they feel ill or sore and it is up to you to look for symptoms so you can spot illnesses early on and to take great care of your companion so he or she can enjoy great health at all times.

Here are the best tips for keeping your cat as healthy and happy as can be.

Invest In an Automatic Cat Feeder

One of the easiest ways to keep your kitty cat nourished when you are at work is with an automatic cat feeder.  But you shouldn’t just choose any feeder. An automatic cat feeder for wet food is the best possible investment because these feeders keep those sensitive foods fresh and enable you to schedule meals at specific times, and as frequently as you need.  You can feed your cat delicious snacks three or even six times a day and their food will stay clean, and free and perfectly fresh all day long.

Get a Cat Waterer

Your cat needs to have access to lots of fresh water, especially if he or she lives outside of the house during the day.  Get an automatic cat waterer and remember to never place your cat’s water next to his food.  Cat’s just don’t like it and tend to get dehydrated which eventually result in kidney failure.

Just How Often Should Your Cat Bath?

The National Cat Groomers of America recommends that cats get a good bath every 4 – 6 weeks.  They also have some recommendations for the best way to bath your cat so he or she doesn’t stress.  You should also use cat-friendly soaps because cats absorb a lot of elements through their skin.

Build a Playpen

Cat playpens are very important for quite a few reasons. These climbing spaces give your cat lots of exercises and keep him or her busy.  With sufficient climbing and play space, your cat will keep off your furniture. The right type of playpen offers plenty of scratching space where your furry friend can calm himself and keep those nails nice and short.

Alternate Cat Toys

Cats are very playful and they love cat toys.  Get a few cats play toys and alternate these toys every day so your cat will always have something exciting to do.

You Can Get Health Insurance for Your Cat

Pet health insurance is available in a wide range of US states and is a good investment considering the number of times even healthy cats need to visit the vet.

How To Keep Your Dog’s Nails Healthy

If you wish to keep your dog’s nails healthy without having to take costly trips to a groomer, try getting a nail grinder. These products are cheap, easily available, and pretty simple to use if you follow some simple usage tips:


What exactly is a nail grinder?

Nail grinders can come with a power cord, or they can be cordless and work on batteries. Each one has a cylindrical body along with a grinding head at its end. This is designed to grind and level your dog’s nails. Although these grinders are not especially hard to use, there are certain safety precautions to maintain and also a few particular methods you’ll have to learn so as to get the right results.

Safety is important

Using nail grinders can be a safety risk, so what you’ll want to do is ensure that there won’t be any hair in your way. If you have a long-haired dog, you have to band it back to make sure there’s no risk of it getting caught in the product’s tip. If the dog’s hair is long on the paws and in between its foot pads, you should first trim the hair to reduce the risk chance of pulling it into the grinder.

How to grind your dog’s nails

  • Hold your dog in place while extending the paw. You should be ready to stop any time the dog moves, and then you have to position it once more before continuing.
  • Focusing on each nail one by one, carefully position the grinder right below the tip of the nail, and gently move it up and over to the upper area of the dogs nail tip. Once you get to the top of the nail tip, go back down to the original starting point.
  • Repeat this procedure multiple times until the sharp tip has been removed, but don’t grind too much otherwise you’ll run into the quick and cause the nail to bleed.
  • Once you’ve cut off as much nail as you have to, slowly move the grinder in a circular manner around the nail tip multiple times to smoothen the nail.
  • Repeat this entire procedure with each of the dog’s nail tips.

Getting the right dog nail grinder

You can find a nail grinder at plenty of pet stores, or even online. The Pet God is an online blog site that works to educate young dog owners on the different types, brands, and features of canine nail grinders.

So, if you would like to pick the best dog nail grinder to make sure your dog stays healthy, this blog is the right choice for you! It elaborates on the different features each nail grinder has and compares different well-reviewed and popularly rated nail grinders based on their price, size, design, strength, durability, material, quality, power source, functionality and much more. You can even compare the pros and cons of each product to see which one suits you the most.

The Pet God also provides users with a list of promising dog nail grinders that anyone can rely on. These include:

  • Electric Pet Nail Grinder – Hertzko
  • Urpower Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder
  • Pet File Nail Grinder – Furry Fido
  • Electric Grooming – Pedi Paws – Manicure Tool
  • Wahl Pet Pro Nail Grinder
  • PET Dogs CONAIR – PRO Nail Grinder
  • Oster Pet Nail Grinder

Once you’ve decided which dog nail grinder suits your dog’s nails the most, all you have to do is follow the Amazon links provided, and you can place your order in no time. Hopefully, this guide in grinding dog’s nails has made you more open and comfortable to the idea of taking care of your dog’s health. Happy grinding!…

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Health

It’s just natural that you need to take care of your dog’s health so he’ll stick by you for a considerable length of time. Fortunately, there are heaps of things you can do to look after your dog. Figure out how to keep up a decent diet routine for your dog, get precaution veterinary care, and do your best to give your dog a healthy and loving environment.

Feed your dog excellent, healthy dog food and treats. This ought to be your pet’s principle source of nourishment. Take a look at the initial five ingredients listed on the label. These ingredients make up most of the nourishment. Meat and vegetables ought to be the initial couple of ingredients in the dog nourishment.

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Health

Avoid these filler fixings in dog nourishment that may really hurt your dog’s health. Some of these include: Ethoxyquin, Propylene Glycol, BHT/BHA, Corn Syrup and corn as well as animal by-products. Infrequently, a few dogs may hint at signs of food intolerance or sensitivity. Look for: loose bowels, regurgitating, or skin conditions. Work with the veterinarian to figure out what sustenance fixings the dog can and can’t eat. You need to look into types of food for dogs with allergies to ensure that you don’t feed anything to your dog that might cause an allergic reaction.

Be watchful when feeding your dog human food. Understand that specific human nourishments can hurt or cause internal damage to a dog. Dog’s bodies can’t generally process food like people would so be able to ensure your dog does not approach these nourishments: grapes, raisins, chocolates, avocados, nuts, liquor, onions, garlic, chives, and chewing gum. These are extremely harmful for dogs.

While you can make your own particular dog food, you should work with an animal nutritionist or veterinarian. This guarantees your dog’s eating regimen is healthfully adjusted.

Keep up your dog’s weight at a healthy level. A dog is viewed as overweight when he measures 10-20% more than his optimal body weight. On the off chance that he is 20% overweight, he’s viewed as hefty. Being large can abbreviate a dog’s life expectancy by 2 years. Corpulent doges are at higher hazard for malignancy, coronary illness, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and urinary bladder stones. Talk with a vet about the perfect weight for your dog and nourish him as required. Most dogs are overweight or hefty on the grounds that they don’t get enough exercise and get excessive food.

Give your dog healthy treats. Much the same as in people, snacks or treats, can add many calories to a dog’s daily calorie intake. This could make your dog put on extra weight. Have a go at giving your dog handmade treats, rather than locally purchased ones. Give your dog low calorie treats like baby carrots, canned green beans (low sodium or flushed to wash off the additional salt), or small cuts of boiled sweet potatoes.

Give your dog a consistent supply of clean water. Dogs require a lot of clean water for the body to legitimately work and process sustenance. The water ought to be clean, so change the water once per day. Clean the water bowl or can with dish cleanser and water each once.…

Fun Ways to Take Care Of Your Pet

Having a pet is an amazing feeling, but at the same time it can be pretty exhausting. Of course, you love your pet and want to take the best care of her/him regardless of anything and everything. It is a never-ending routine of doing little things but at the end of the day it really pays off. Here are a few things you can do to show your pet that you care!

Fun Ways to Take Care Of Your Pet

Exercise With Your Pet

Exercising with your pet is relaxing for both you and your pet. It helps them to re-energize and it allows you to connect with your exceptional companion. Regardless of whether it is tossing a ball at the park or prodding them with a chunk of yarn, you will feel an exceptional connection with your pet. Exercise also proves to be imperative in of keeping your pet healthy. Without it, they can get to be distinctly overweight and more vulnerable to diseases.

Feed Your Pet Sufficiently

Feeding your pet is another approach to show your care and consideration for them. Cautious thought while picking what sustenance or treats are best for your type of pet is an extraordinary approach to keep them healthy and cheerful. Checking online, going to pet particular stores and checking with your veterinarian are some approaches to get data about what sustenance and treats are suggested.

Take Your Pet for Check-Ups

Normal veterinarian visits are useful for your pet, as well as can be useful for your wallet too. Early recognition of diseases, similar to nourishment hypersensitivities and urinary tract infections can help avert or cure these issues, before they get to be distinctly serious or greatly expensive. Commonly homeopathic cures can be utilized as a part of the counteractive action and cure of these sorts of sickness and for general normal pet wellbeing. While you’re at it, here are a few more tips.

Get Your Pet Groomed

Standard grooming is an extraordinary approach to care for your pet.

  • Cutting their nails will help avoid issues with walking.
  • Brushing their teeth helps avoid bad breath.
  • Bathing them can decrease dander and tingling and will make your pet cleaner and healthier.
  • Brushing your pet’s coat keeps their balding to a base and it is a good approach to give them the consideration they crave for.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Keeping a proper schedule is a standout amongst the most essential things you can accomplish for your pet and for yourself. Your pet will know when they have to go out, sleep, play or prepare for bed. This will help their demeanor and will help you make an awesome connection with your pet.

If reading all these tips makes you crave for a pet and you don’t have one, get in touch with Barbara Bruin to look into pet adoption choices. You will be provided with a list of trustable animal welfare organizations. Additionally, not only will you be guided throughout the whole process of adopting a pet but you will also be given complete information about different types of pets and their breeds.…