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Is your pet good for your health?

It is obvious that a pet is a great friend and that after a difficult day you cannot help but bask in the love that waits for you at home. Pets do provide us with health benefits like lowering our blood sugar and lessening our anxiety. Pets boost our immune system and they help us to get through stressful situations and trauma. It is an old wife’s tale that pets aggravate our allergies and if they do treatment will always be helpful. Click here to read more about methods to get rid of pet allergies naturally.

Is your pet good for your health?

We have fun with our dogs and we get the benefit of growing old with them. It has been proven that dogs are great for the elderly. Alzheimer’s patients actually benefit from the calm that dogs provide. They have less anxious outbursts and are more lucid at times if their dogs are with them. Walking a dog and caring for it gives the elderly the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the best companionship. By having a reason to wake up in the morning their health tends to be in a better condition. There are actually insurance companies that take dog ownership into consideration when looking at health or life insurance. A great gift for your pooch is the LED collar. If you are walking at night you will always be able to keep an eye on your dog and you don’t have to worry that he or she gets ridden over because of better visibility.

It is no secret that owning a dog is good for mind and spirit as the positive outlook that they meet us with forces us out of depression and anxiety. Giving a dog a pat and a kind word surmounts to endless love and affection. A study was conducted that involved stockbrokers with high blood pressure adopting pets for the first time. Miraculously their blood pressure lowered and their manner to tolerate stress became much better and effective. Click here to find out if you are a dog or a cat person.

Coming home after a long day and taking your dog for a walk or playing fetch is actually a form of therapy and an activity that will allow you to experience absolute relaxation and peace of mind. Your dog will love the attention too. It makes perfect sense that people with mental disabilities also benefit from the love of a pet. There are groups that visit treatment centers and they take dogs and cats with them. They firmly believe that mentally disabled people respond to pets and that they enjoy the time they get to spend with their furry friends more than any other activity. The verdict is that yes, dogs and cats are great for your health and they will provide you with hours of entertainment, unconditional love and companionship. Next time you walk past that animal shelter, go in and look around, you might just find a friend for life.