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What Paddle Boarding Does for Your Mind & Body

Stand up paddle boarding is a more casual form of surfing. Some even call it stand up paddle surfing instead of its usual name. In case you’re new to what stand up paddle boarding is; it’s an activity in which the rider stands on a board, like a surf board, however balances while pushing his or her self with a paddle. Its popularity is increasing among beach visitors as its fun, energizing or relaxing relying upon nature, and gives you a brilliant exercise. Along with being a fun and thrilling activity, it also has numerous health advantages. Here are some of them:

Low Impact Exercise

Since stand up paddle boarding requires that you be standing and adjusting for the majority share of your session, it is a fantastic low impact exercise. It’s not likely that you will do any harm to the ligaments or tendons of your joints while occupied with the movement, since you are regularly floating over the soft water without sudden changes in elevation that would bring about impact of stress. Even when the waves get somewhat rough, the board still tends to coast and delicately move here and there with minimal raw impact.

Stress Relief

It is obvious that being around water can be relaxing to the mind, yet being in the water can be relieving to the body also. The elements of floating through the water combined with paddle boarding’s one of a kind feeling of strolling upon the water can be an incredible source of stress alleviation. You may likewise wind up keeping up a beat as your paddle strokes the water’s surface, which adds to the remedial advantages of paddle boarding.

Work Out The Entire Body

While paddle boarding, you will end up utilizing about every muscle in your body. Your legs will be firm and use different muscles as the board moves from side to side, your back, arms, and shoulders will be utilized as a part of a soft, nearly paddling movement as you push yourself through the water. Your abs and core are always attempting to keep you adjusted and balanced out. This mix of steady, low effect, entire body exercise will bring about numerous health advantages.

Increase Your Endurance

After figuring out how to paddle board, the act of stroking the water with your paddle and always adjusting your balance will keep you in movement. It might be significantly more-so for a beginner to paddle boarding, as you may end up tumbling off and going for a short swim and move back on the board, adding considerably more flow to the activity that paddle boarding gives. This implies the more you paddle board, the more endurance you will build. It doesn’t take long to see the advantages of this activity.

So what are you waiting for? With so much fun combined with healthy elements, paddle boarding is not an activity to be missed. Check out these inflatable paddle board reviews, choose your pick and head out for an unforgettable paddle boarding experience.

The Different Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

There are a lot of activities that you can do at present time and stand-up paddle boarding is just one of the many happenings that you are trying to do at present time. You have seen other people do it and you know that it is one adventure that you do not want to back out from. You know that it is going to be fun but do you realize that it can provide a lot of benefits too?

The Different Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you go paddle boarding:

  1. You usually get a full body workout when you try it out. A lot of your body muscles are used up while you are paddle boarding. Out of all the muscles though, it is your leg muscles that will use constant effort. Your core muscles will tighten too because you are keeping your balance.
  2. You can release feelings of stress. There is something about being in water that can help the body feel great. Combining it with physical activity will banish all of the negative energies present in your body. As you go through the water, everything will be more soothing for you.
  3. This can be a good cardio workout. You need to increase your heart rate from time to time so that you can do more activities and you will use up more of your energy. Of course, you need to paddle board often in order for it to be considered a cardio activity. While you are at it, you may want to hold contests with your friends to make paddle boarding even more challenging than before.
  4. Your endurance will start to improve. How long can you last just paddle boarding? If you know that you would not last long then you can practice to paddle board more. Over time, you will realize that you are stronger than before.
  5. You can balance more. One of the reasons why you are unable to stop yourself from falling is because of your lack of balance. When you paddleboard, you will be required to stand up on board. This means that you will be more stable in doing various activities. Balance is not only useful in paddle boarding. This is useful in doing the various activities you do every day.

One important thing to remember is to have the best stand-up paddle board accessories when you start paddle boarding. You may want to remove feelings of stress while you are doing this activity but you would be unable to do so when your accessories constantly break.  There are different paddle boarding accessories that you can check out. You can start with the basics first before you progress to other accessories which you feel can improve the way you paddle board and how long you can do it.

Paddle board right now and allow yourself to reconnect with nature. As they say, when you connect with nature, you feed your soul. You allow yourself to be rid of the hustle and bustle of life.…

Can Something As Fun As Paddle Boarding Keep You Fit?

Some of the most fun things to do are just horrible for your health.  Take alcohol or cupcakes for example.  Just mentioning those two naughty indulgences will put a smile on anyone’s face but consuming too much of these fun products can be devastating to your health.  Sup surfing is one of the most fun holiday activities you can enjoy.  But can this fun hobby be a good workout to you?  Can simply paddle boarding help you lose weight and tone your body so you can look and feel better? Well, many health experts do believe that as long as you use your paddle board actively you can make a big difference in your personal fitness while having a blast.

Which muscles benefit from paddle boarding?

Most people want to target certain problem areas of their body when they plan on losing weight.  If you cannot lose weight and build better muscles in these areas with the workout you are planning on doing then you are probably going to be unsatisfied with the result no matter how much your body transforms.  Paddle boards mostly work out your back muscles, shoulders, arm muscles and abs.  Your legs also get a good workout to maintain the balance of the paddle board but not as firmly as your arms.  If you also want to focus on your legs then a good run should be combined after paddling sessions.

Can Something As Fun As Paddle Boarding Keep You Fit?

How many calories do you burn with paddle boarding?

With paddle boarding you burn surprisingly many calories.  By just casually paddling you can burn up to 430 calories and by enjoying a paddling race you can burn up to 1125 calories in a few hours.  This is great news to those that want to enjoy paddle boarding but also want to lose some weight.

Yes, paddle board workouts are a big thing

Paddle boarding has become incredibly popular in the last few years and many people and fitness trainers are using their sups to do full body workouts.  Paddle board workouts gives you much better results because your body is not just focused on the workout, you are also focused on staying upright on your paddle board which puts much more strain on your body without you even realizing it.  And because you are having fun while paddling and floating, you can do more workouts since your mind is not focused on the pains and aches you are feeling.

Shop your paddle board now

If you aren’t sure whether you will like sups just yet then you can always start off with a cheap inflatable paddle board.  If you don’t like paddling enough to adopt this hobby as a full body workout then you wouldn’t have wasted as much money and you will still have a good quality paddle board that you can use at any holiday destination. If you do however find you love this type of sport then you can always invest in a bigger and better paddle board in the future and always have a blast while getting fit.…