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Hypnosis and Health

Maybe you are like us and you saw a comedy act that included hypnosis. The hypnotist convinced people that they should act like monkeys and chickens. Or, he suggested that whenever they heard a certain word they would scream out in ecstasy. You laughed, we laughed, everyone else in the audience laughed. It was fun. However, it made a joke of it and neglected the benefits of hypnosis on health.

Some believe that hypnosis is a completely natural way to improve the quality of health and mind. That is why they visit a NYC hypnotist. They are seeking someone to help them change their undesired behaviors from a strictly subconscious level. This, they think, will open up their ability to create positive life changes. And, in several situations, hypnosis can do just that. Keep reading to learn what areas it is actually beneficial in.

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5 Areas of Health That Benefit From Hypnosis

In history, hypnosis has been considered nothing more than a parlor trick, an antic worthy of amusement. However, the American Medical Association approved it as a therapy as far back as 1958. Of course, it rescinded that approval, while the American Psychological Association remained in favor. That said, there do seem to be 5 areas of health that benefit from hypnosis:

  1. Sleep– Researchers out of Switzerland monitored brain activity of young women listening to a hypnotic tape while they took a 90 minute nap. Those who were supposedly more-susceptible to hypnosis spent 80% more time in deep sleep than the others. Since hypnosis has no known side-effects, it would appear to be a viable replacement for sleep-inducing medications. If you are intrigued by this particular bit of research, feel free to read more.
  2. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)- Concluding a three month long course of weekly hypnosis sessions, lasting an hour a piece, 71% of those with IBS reported that their symptoms had improved. If IBS plagues you, and you think hypnosis might be a good solution, read this research.
  3. Hot Flashes– Studies showed that after 5, hour long, hypnosis sessions, hot flashes were cut by 74% in those who reported having at least fifty a week. This was compared to those who did not receive the treatment with a hypnotist but had weekly sessions with a clinician instead. Those ladies only saw a 17% drop. For those of you who are menopausal and see some hope in this information, please learn more.
  4. Pain- Very few psychologists utilize hypnotherapy to help ease pain. However, those that do have noted that patients with arthritis, cancer, and fibromyalgia find great relief from the process. Pain management appears to be a better researched aspect of the value of hypnosis.
  5. Nervousness- Anxiety is associated with the thoughts in the mind and since hypnosis is supposed to help get the mind under control, it is believed that it can aid in issues that are related to nervousness. The biggest results appear to be in situations when patients expect a certain amount of trauma or pain. When the expectations can be reduced, so then is the anxiety.

Hypnosis isn’t for everyone, but the research would suggest that in certain situations, and in specific types of people, it can prove beneficial in the health arena. It is up to you to do your due diligence to determine if this is an avenue you want to pursue.