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How To Keep Your Dog’s Nails Healthy

If you wish to keep your dog’s nails healthy without having to take costly trips to a groomer, try getting a nail grinder. These products are cheap, easily available, and pretty simple to use if you follow some simple usage tips:


What exactly is a nail grinder?

Nail grinders can come with a power cord, or they can be cordless and work on batteries. Each one has a cylindrical body along with a grinding head at its end. This is designed to grind and level your dog’s nails. Although these grinders are not especially hard to use, there are certain safety precautions to maintain and also a few particular methods you’ll have to learn so as to get the right results.

Safety is important

Using nail grinders can be a safety risk, so what you’ll want to do is ensure that there won’t be any hair in your way. If you have a long-haired dog, you have to band it back to make sure there’s no risk of it getting caught in the product’s tip. If the dog’s hair is long on the paws and in between its foot pads, you should first trim the hair to reduce the risk chance of pulling it into the grinder.

How to grind your dog’s nails

  • Hold your dog in place while extending the paw. You should be ready to stop any time the dog moves, and then you have to position it once more before continuing.
  • Focusing on each nail one by one, carefully position the grinder right below the tip of the nail, and gently move it up and over to the upper area of the dogs nail tip. Once you get to the top of the nail tip, go back down to the original starting point.
  • Repeat this procedure multiple times until the sharp tip has been removed, but don’t grind too much otherwise you’ll run into the quick and cause the nail to bleed.
  • Once you’ve cut off as much nail as you have to, slowly move the grinder in a circular manner around the nail tip multiple times to smoothen the nail.
  • Repeat this entire procedure with each of the dog’s nail tips.

Getting the right dog nail grinder

You can find a nail grinder at plenty of pet stores, or even online. The Pet God is an online blog site that works to educate young dog owners on the different types, brands, and features of canine nail grinders.

So, if you would like to pick the best dog nail grinder to make sure your dog stays healthy, this blog is the right choice for you! It elaborates on the different features each nail grinder has and compares different well-reviewed and popularly rated nail grinders based on their price, size, design, strength, durability, material, quality, power source, functionality and much more. You can even compare the pros and cons of each product to see which one suits you the most.

The Pet God also provides users with a list of promising dog nail grinders that anyone can rely on. These include:

  • Electric Pet Nail Grinder – Hertzko
  • Urpower Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder
  • Pet File Nail Grinder – Furry Fido
  • Electric Grooming – Pedi Paws – Manicure Tool
  • Wahl Pet Pro Nail Grinder
  • PET Dogs CONAIR – PRO Nail Grinder
  • Oster Pet Nail Grinder

Once you’ve decided which dog nail grinder suits your dog’s nails the most, all you have to do is follow the Amazon links provided, and you can place your order in no time. Hopefully, this guide in grinding dog’s nails has made you more open and comfortable to the idea of taking care of your dog’s health. Happy grinding!