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4 Easy Tips for a Healthier and Greener Lawn 

Like many homeowners, you definitely want to get a healthy and good-looking lawn. Not only will a good lawn improve the overall appearance of your dwelling, but it will also provide you and your family a great place for picnics, parties, dinners, and other family-bonding activities which will help to keep you happy. The following are some tips to help you maintain a healthier lawn all year long.

1.Mown your lawn properly with the right type of mower. As a homeowner, you probably already know how important it is to regularly mow your lawn. It’s one of the many practices in gardening that helps keep your lawn healthy. But keep in mind that the sole act of mowing isn’t what really makes a lawn beautiful. The way you mow is what determines if your lawn will look good and healthy. If you want your lawn to be beautiful, you should learn how to properly mow it. But as you know, the process is not that easy. Not all grass is the same; different types of lawn require different mowing methods. The first rule of a thumb is to identify the type of grass that is growing in your yard before cutting. And then buy the right cutting tool that will help you keep your grass the way you want it.

2. Aerate your lawn. When it comes to lawn care, mowing is not the only thing that you must do to keep your grass healthy. Keep in mind that some lands are subject to soil compaction. This is the period wherein the total spore space of a soil is reduced. Usually, this happens when the ground is used or walked on frequently. In fact, regularly mowing your lawn can even cause soil compaction. When the soil is compacted, air and water movement through the soil is restricted, making it hard for the soil and grass to get the nutrients that they need. So to ensure that your soil and grass will properly absorb nutrients, you should aerate your lawn regularly. You can simply do this by punching some holes through your lawn, about 3-5 inches deep.  If you have larger lawn, you can use an aerating machine to complete the task quicker.see more from http://thenewdaily.com.au/life/2015/08/29/rescue-grass/

3. Fertilize your lawn with natural lawn fertilizers. Fertilizers may not seem something that you want to utilize, but fertilizing is an essential part in having a healthier and greener garden. Lawn fertilizers contain essential nutrients that your soil needs for grass growth and color improvement. If you’re worried about its effects to you and your family’s health, then consider organic fertilizers. These types of fertilizers do not contain chemicals that can harm health and the environment. Plus, they are better for your lawn. Several studies showed that organic fertilizers produce a much healthier and greener garden.

4. Water your lawn regularly. Of course, to maximize growth, it’s crucial to water your grass regularly. But keep in mind that you can’t just turn your sprinkle on, and then expect to have a greener lawn. Watering your lawn also requires an effort. If you really want your soil and grass to effectively absorb nutrients, you should water your grass deeply, about 1 inch of water each week, depending on the weather, your soil type, and your grass specie.

So there you have it! Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a healthier and greener lawn all year round! For more information and tips, visit the Lawn Care Sucks website.