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7 Ways to Make Moving More Fun

Moving is probably at the bottom of your list of fun things to do at home. That is because moving usually isn’t much fun at all.  It is downright hard work!  Boxing up all of your belongings, loading all of that heavy furniture and unpacking is exhausting.  Moving is also quite stressful because there are so many things that can go wrong and so many arrangements you have to make.

7 Ways to Make Moving More Fun
7 Ways to Make Moving More Fun

But these types of trips don’t always have to be horrible.  In fact, your moving trip can be fun and exciting if you use these terrific moving tips;

Use a Moving Company

Hard work is never going to be fun no matter how much you decorate it.  The only way to take the hard work out of moving is by hiring a moving company for your moving expedition.  A good example of a terrific moving company is Umzugs-und Lagerservice in Luzern.  They take care of all the hard work for you and offer plenty of other services to ease the process.

Use Smaller Boxes

You may think that big boxes will be easier to use because you can stuff so much more in them but the opposite is actually true.  Smaller boxes are a lot easier to move around and smaller boxes make it simpler to organize all of your belongings.

Enjoy Junk Food

If there was ever a good excuse to cheat on your diet and eat some delicious junk food then it is a big move.  Don’t cook.  Don’t even try to pack a lunch for the road trip.  It just isn’t worth the effort and cooking in a kitchen that is halfway packed up is a nightmare.  Buy your favorite burger and fries and have a blast on your trip.

Bribe Your Kids

One of the best ways to get more people, and especially family members, to work hard is by bribing them with a desirable reward.  They will feel more excited about the challenge of competing and the prospect of earning something nice from all that work sure is good. It also becomes a lot easier for parents to maintain chaos and positive attitudes throughout the hard work.

Set Aside a Box for Important Things

Don’t toss everything you may need into boxes.  Keep critical items such as important documents, basic essentials and things you will need that first night in the new house in a separate box so you can find these items with ease.

Rock on Music While You Pack

A great way to create feel-good vibes while everyone is busy packing is by rocking some loud happy music.  Pack up your radio last and enjoy terrific sounds while you pack.

Have a Big Farewell Party

Parties are always fun and it is also a terrific way to say goodbye to old friends.  Invite all your buddies and relatives over a day before the move so they can clear out your fridge and so you can have some fun on an existing farewell party.

The Fun Way to Move to Your New Home

Everyone hates to move from one house to a new one.  The entire moving process is incredibly stressful, expensive and it is a lot of hard work.  There are so many things that can go wrong when you are moving to a new home and everything usually ends up pretty chaotic no matter how careful you plan the big move.

But moving to a new house doesn’t always have to be a terrible nightmare.  In fact, with the right attitude, the right sources and the right plan of action you can turn that big moving expedition into a lot of fun.  Here’s how;

Get a moving company

There just isn’t any way to have fun when you are hauling one heavy load of furniture between homes after another.  It isn’t fun to pack, to do all that heavy lifting, to fight off all of those spiders or to unpack all of your homeware.  The only way to turn moving into a fun expedition is to put all of that work in the hands of a professional.  Umzugsfirma Basel is a good example of a great moving company who can take care of all of that hard work involved in moving for you.  Their team will take care of all of the hard packing and unpacking work for you, will do all of the loadings and offloading and they even take out insurance on goods in transition to protect you against all potential losses.  A moving company takes the hard work and all of that stress out of your hands so you can actually have some fun.

See it as an opportunity to renovate

When you are moving to a new home you get to start on a clean canvas and can plan your home a lot better.  Work with different wall colors and choose brand new bedding sets or themes for bedrooms.  The possibilities are endless for redecorating your new home.

Have a fun yard sale

A good way to say goodbye to everyone and to get rid of all of your useless junk is by having a yard sale.  You can enjoy a relaxing barbecue as you get rid of everything that is only going to be in your way when you move to your new home.

A chance to recreate a beautiful garden

Ever wished you could build a fantastic looking garden from scratch?  Well then moving to your new home is probably the best chance you will ever get to do just that.  The chances are pretty good that your garden will need plenty of work.  Take before and after pictures so you can brag about your work once you are done.

Start planning your housewarming

The best part about moving is the housewarming party.  You can start planning your new housewarming party and make some new friends the moment you move into your new home.  Just remember to invite all of your neighbors so you can start building positive relationships with everyone from day one.…