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Crafting’s Effects on Your Health and Wellbeing

Surely the Pinterest revolution has not been lost on you. There is this craze for people to become more crafty. Making stuff out of recycled materials and repurposing old things is not just useful to the environment. In fact, it might be about time that you learned a little more about crafting’s effects on your health and wellbeing.

Maybe your kids have fallen in love with the KidKraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse and more houses of that kind. Kidkraft has been in business since 1968, so they are a trusted source of dollhouse materials and equipment. However, you might be considering making some of the dollhouse accoutrements your children are hoping for. Since, you can get models of all shapes, sizes, and architectural designs, your options for crafting dollhouse furniture and décor are endless. Although, there are other crafting options readily available to you as well. And, most of them are good for you.

Crafting’s Effects on Your Health and Wellbeing

Crafting and Your Brain

One woman, suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after the unexpected death of her brother, found great relief in the knitting needles provided by her husband. Initially, the idea of knitting seemed pretty ridiculous to her. However, the process allowed her to quit focusing on potential catastrophic events.

Crafting is apparently quite beneficial for people who are dealing with chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. It has been shown to increase mood, relieve stress, and it might even protect one’s brain from the negative effects of aging. While there are not a lot of studies specifically focused on crafting, it is certain that cognitive activities, even small ones, generate mental health benefits.

Creating is beneficial. The method of creation is not the determining factor. It is the sheer joy of knowing that you have caused something beautiful to come into existence that boosts morale. Musicians, artists, chefs, photographers, and even seamstresses, know this truth without the support of scientific research. Read this.

A Lot Like Meditation

Crafting can envelope an individual’s emotive stance by allowing him/her to get lost in the moment of creation rather than having to replay and focus on the troubles at hand. It allows you sections of time in which you are wholly absorbed by the process. Some would call that the secret to happiness.

From a scientific position, the nervous system can only process a limited amount of information at any given time. This is demonstrated by an inability to listen and comprehend what two people are saying to you at the exact same time. Thankfully, delving into a creative sphere allows you to separate, if only briefly, from that need to process additional information.

Mediation allows you to focus solely on the breathing and relaxing techniques, thereby eliminating the thoughts of the future and present. You can only reside within a focus on the meditative process. So it is with creating art, music, and other crafty endeavors.  And, since mediation has been shown to relieve stress and help alleviate inflammation, it is easy to infer that crafting can do the same thing. Learn more.

For an added benefit that we don’t have enough space to go into at this juncture, crafting often acts as a natural anti-depressant. That is because it induces the release of dopamine, a pleasure hormone. You can learn more about this, here.