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Tips for Documenting Your Fun and Healthy Hiking Trail

Hiking is great fun and the ultimate healthy adventure. It is also great fun to share your exciting hiking expedition with friends and family.  But how do you do this when people are so reluctant to reading about your trip and so easily bored by long explanations?  A video documentation is one of the best ways to document your exciting hiking expedition.  Everyone would love to watch a short documentary of your fun trips.  They are easy to view, great for remembering all the highlights of the trip and videos are superb for showing others all the most beautiful hiking spots and trails. Hiking documentaries are incredibly fun to watch, they are great for boosting the popularity of social media pages and blogs and these hiking video documentations are great for inspiring others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you document your trail like a pro.

Consider all your documentary tools

Videos are the best way to capture the full story but it can be hard to have a camera out and about at all times.  For a great hiking trail documentary you can also use other documentary tools like the following;

–    Photographs

–    Journaling

–    Sketching

By combining video clips, stunning photographs, images out of your journal and your own hand-sketched versions of your trip, you should be able to create a very interesting and very compact hiking documentary.

No deleting while on trip

You may be tempted to delete a few of the photos and videos while you are on the trip.  Don’t delete anything.  Wait until you are back at home before you decide on what to keep and what to discard.  That odd photo with the bad background might just be the perfect addition to your little documentary.

Get a trail camera

The main purpose of a trail camera is for people to document animal behaviors and their fixed patterns.  These cameras are mostly used for monitoring nature, watching out for illegal trespassers and poachers and for hunting.  There is, however, no reason why you cannot use a trail camera to record your fantastic trail.  The camera can be propped up to document everything that is happening around camp or you can tie it to your chest and record your hiking trail as you proceed.  With the best trail camera, you can document your trip without having to actually man the camera and these types of recordings are great for including the usual cameraman – or yourself – in the story.

A waterproof camera is a must

Most hikers simply use their smartphones for documenting.  And yes, these devices are superb but they are also incredibly fragile and incredibly expensive.  You are bound to miss out on a lot of the action simply because you are trying to protect your expensive phone.  Invest in a shockproof, waterproof camera and take shots without having to worry about damage.

Collect and edit

When the trip is over and done with it is time to collect all your content for editing.  Pick all the best photographs, edit the best video clips and choose all your best journaling entries or sketches.  Edit all of these into a fun hiking documentary and include an exciting soundtrack so your story can truly come to life.