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Forskolin for Fat Reduction will Help You Live a Healthy Life

It would be wonderful if this supplement from the mint family held the magic formula for weight loss and perfect health. It doesn’t, but it will help. Combining this supplement with a well-balanced diet and an exercise regimen can lead to a reduction in pesky belly fat and excess weight

Forskolin, whose formal name is, coleus forskolin, is extracted from the Plectranthus Barbatus plant and has been used as medicine for centuries. It is believed to used anti-microbial and other anti-inflammatory properties; however modern testing has not proven these claims conclusively.

So, how does all of this work? The plant’s properties activate the enzyme known to stimulate hormones responsible for burning fat. The short version of all of the research and medical testing shows that many overweight and obsess people share low levels of cAMP.

cAMP or adenylate cyclase is an enzyme with beneficial cellular functions is the catalyst for stimulating the hormones that burn the fatty tissues in the body. Thermogenesis causes the internal temperature of the body to increase which increases metabolism. The Forskolin stimulates the cAMP which stimulates the thermogenesis which burns the fat.


None of this is really going to be as effective without the proper diet and exercise. So many foods are known to increase fats, and sedentary lifestyle will allow the fat to build. Another good help in burning fat is staying hydrated. Add water to your diet to help flush out toxins and waste.

There are side effects and other health concerns associated with using Forskolin. Beginning with concerns for anyone with heart disease to be certain anyone with past heart complications or taking certain blood thinners should avoid using the supplement. Of course as with any supplement, a pharmacist or doctor should be consulted to be sure that there are no complications with other medications. There have been reports of severe nausea and dizziness.


It is not recommended during pregnancy or while breast feeding unless approved by a doctor. There is no report on the effects for children, but to be safe anyone under 18 should not use Forskolin. For an adult, there are normally no issues other than the ones listed above so there should be no problem using Forskolin to jump start a healthier lifestyle.


Starting off with a low dose is the safest way to get started using the supplement; trying it for a few days to test the side effects. After a few days if everything goes well, it should be ok to increase the dose. It is always best to talk to a professional before going any further.

Increasing activity with a healthier diet are the best way to burn fat and become more healthy, but for some people just need a little more help and that is okay, just be sure to be smart about it.