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Getting An Elliptical Trainer for Your Health Needs

With the current lifestyles, there are many health problems. People are therefore obliged to go the extra mile in order to be healthy. One of the ways of going the extra mile is through training and exercising. Working out helps to burn extra calories which will help you to lose that extra weight and be healthier. Good thing with training is that it does not have to be necessarily an outdoors thing; you can also do it from indoors. There are many indoor trainers that you can get such as Indoor Ellipticals. Some of the things to look at when looking for an elliptical trainer include:

Flywheel weight

This is an important consideration to make since it is what determines the quality, comfort and pedaling fluidity. If the flywheel is very light, it will not be comfortable when pedaling. It will also influence the resistance that one gets when they are trying to accelerate. The flywheel weight will determine the kind of pedaling effort that you will use. When the wheel is light, you will not have to use a lot of effort to achieve your desired speed as the resistance will be less.

Stride length

This determines the pedaling comfort since it affects the amplitude of the movement of the legs. The right stride length will depend on an individual as it should not limit the movement of the legs. On average, a stride length of 40cm is what is recommended. Most of the time, the stride length is normally influenced by the size of the elliptical machine. A small trainer will have a short stride length and vice versa.

Mechanical or magnetic resistance

Mechanical resistance is what makes it possible to increase the pedaling ability by turning a wheel. Magnetic resistance may also be known as the motorized braking system of the trainer. Most trainers have magnetic resistance for more comfort and automatic change of resistance levels.

Watt levels

This is what determines speed and resistance levels. The maximum wattage is the maximum resistance of the bike. Watts can also be used to determine the quality of the bike.


Modern elliptical bikes mostly have a console that have a Bluetooth connection. This will give you the convenience of watching anything you want via Bluetooth connection.

Elliptical weight

This can be used to influence the stability and robustness of a trainer. Trainers that are very heavy and solid are more stable and will not move when one pedaling.

Max user weight

Every trainer has a maximum weight that it can support. Normally this is influenced by the weight of the elliptical trainer. Very light trainers will support less weight than heavier trainers.

Price of the trainer

Elliptical trainers have different price tags. Normally the quality of the bike will influence the price of the bike. A cheap trainer will have a light flywheel which will offer less comfort and resistance levels. You are therefore likely to get what you pay for.