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Why Swimming Is the Best Daily Workout for Women

Staying fit isn’t easy, especially when you are a working woman with a family to care for.  Women have it a lot harder when it comes to staying in shape than men.  Female hormones are one of the biggest reasons for many women to struggle with obesity and working moms have a lot less time on their hands than working dads simply because younger children demand so much more time from mom than from dad.  It is tough to fit workout sessions into your day when you have to keep your career, family, relationship and hormone levels in check.  The fact that female bodies are much more resilient against weight loss than male bodies doesn’t help much either.  These factors are exactly why women tend to be much more overweight than men.

If you have been battling to lose some weight then it is time to consider daily swimming workouts.  You will see much better results, much quicker with shorter workout sessions.

Why swimming is the best workout for women

Swimming is one of the best workouts to enjoy if you want to lose weight and tone your body at the same time.  This workout outshines all other types of workouts because of the following reasons; 

Cardio workout – Swimming is a good cardio workout.  You can burn lots of calories, improve the health of your heart, reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of getting diabetes by just swimming.

Targets the entire body – Other workout methods only target certain areas of the body but when you swim all of your muscles are engaged.  Your legs, tummy, but, arms and even your back get a good workout in just one session. 

It is the only no-sweat workout – All other workouts involve a whole lot of sweating and perhaps even some tears.  Swimming is refreshing, cool, fun and involves no sweating whatsoever.

Refreshing – You can never gym during the day because you will need to take a shower afterward to remove sweat.  When you swim you don’t sweat and you are done with sessions a whole lot quicker.  You can easily spend lunchtimes swimming and be refreshed and back in office without spending extra time in the gym.

Why so few women swim?

Women don’t particularly enjoy swimming for two major reasons; It messes up your hair and it messes up your makeup.  Here is how you can enjoy daily swims without all the hassles of getting your hair fixed. 

Get a swimming cap – A swimming cap is your best friend when it comes to daily swims.  These caps will keep your hair completely dry so you won’t have to struggle with the hassles of wet hair.  Swimming caps are also great for keeping your ears dry so you can reduce the chances of getting ear infections.  With a swimming cap, you can be in the pool and back in the office in 10 minutes.  Click here to learn more about swimming caps and to see some of the best swimming caps on the market. 

Wear waterproof makeup – Waterproof makeup won’t smudge or run when you are sweating and is also a great solution for your daily swim sessions.  Your makeup will be perfect after each swimming session and you can be on your way in no time at all.

Swimming is definitely a great workout that every woman should consider.  With swimming, you can drop the extra pounds and feel refreshed and energized each and every day.

Force Yourself to Live Healthier By Refusing To Own a Car

Staying in shape is a lot easier when you don’t have a choice but to work out.  Marines and soldiers, for example are forced to maintain certain body health and fitness levels so they can be in tip top shape when it comes to protecting their country.  Fitness instructors also rely on their personal fitness to inspire others to follow their training programs.  Being forced to be healthier and to work out is never fun and giving up on temptations is hardly a pleasure but you can guarantee that being forced to work out on a daily basis is a heck of a lot more fun than staring heart failure in the eye or even trying to look good in just about any outfit when you are personally unsatisfied with how your body look.  If you live in the city or even a town then there is one thing that you can cut out of your life that will transform the way you live, look and will benefit your health to the better and that is your car.  Yes, if you simply cannot find the drive to hit the gym or work out then just close your eyes and sell your car and lose weight by cycling everywhere.

Force Yourself to Live Healthier By Refusing To Own a Car

Travel by foot or bicycle for a good daily workout

You can travel to and from work by bicycle or by walking if work is not too far away.  Grocery stores and shopping centers are probably not out of your reach either and if you accessorize your bike the right way, you should have no trouble in transporting groceries home either.  You will get a good workout on a daily basis and lose a lot of weight for overall improved health.

You will be saving the world

Another good reason to rid yourself of your car is the fact that you will be saving the world because there will be one less vehicle to pollute the air and a lot less fuel will be consumed to drain the world of its natural resources.

Rent a car when you absolutely must

Of course there are certain occasions where you simply cannot go without traveling such as long distance travels, holidays, for transporting things like furniture and for visiting relatives and friends. One company can compensate for all of these needs is Ace rent a car because you can rent just about any type of vehicle from as little as $22 a day.  Why in the world anyone that is relatively close to work would struggle with an expensive down payment when they can get a car at just $22 per day is beyond me.  Ace rent a car also has mini busses, vans, UTE’s and much more in their fleet which means all of your transportation troubles will instantly be taken care off since you can simply rent a vehicle on the days where there is no way you can get to where you want to be on bicycle.  Visit https://www.acerent.com.au right now so you can get rid of your own car and start transforming your life for improved health.…