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Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the fun ways of getting healthy. Not only are bicycles used for transportation or for recreation purposes but they have loads of health benefits. If you are considering to choose a bike as opposed to a car, then stay on track as bicycles help us to get healthier. Some of the health benefits of a bike include:

Health Benefits of Cycling

Keeps Alzheimer’s at bay

According to a study that was done by Charles Hillman in 2007, cycling has a way of keeping Alzheimer’s at bay. Studies also indicate that cycling helps to make us smarter generally and control issues like ADD.

Cardiovascular fitness

Cycling works to ensure increased cardiovascular fitness and hence improves the condition of the heart. It keeps off blood high pressure and other conditions that may lead to heart diseases.

It helps to strengthen bones

Through cycling, one is able to have improved joint mobility and thus helps the bones to be stronger. This may help to prevent joint pains and other bone diseases. It also helps to improve one’s posture and coordination which helps in aligning the backbone.

Is good for the muscles

Regular cycling helps to increase muscle strength and building muscles as well as ensuring flexibility of the body and that is good for the body.

Losing body fat

Cycling not only helps in burning calories but also helps in loosing body fat especially if it is done on a regular basis. As much as diet is a major contributor to body fat, cycling is a good way of losing it and making sure that our bodies remain lean.

Help Prevent Cancer

By regular cycling we are able to maintain a healthy weight which translates to lowering the risks of contracting cancer. According to a study that was done by the American medical association , those who maintained a proper fitness level  had lower chances of getting lung and colorectal cancer especially for those who are approaching middle age.  Regular cycling also reduced the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Lower chances of getting type 2 diabetes

Research has suggested that type 2 diabetes which is a public health concern is mostly caused by lack of enough physical activity. Cycling is a good physical activity and a research done in Finland suggested that regular cyclers had 40 percent lower risk of getting type two diabetes.

Reduce stress levels

Exercising aids the body to release cortisol, a feel good hormone which aids in the lowering of anxiety and depression levels. Stress is a major cause of diseases and cycling is a great way of keeping it at bay. Cycling is also associated with improving the esteem levels which makes us feel good about ourselves.

Live Longer

Cycling in a way helps us to live longer since it helps to keep diseases at bay as well as stress and depression which may lead one to the grave early.  A study done on Tour de France riders suggested that most cyclists generally lived longer.