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Health Benefits of Embracing Nail Technology

Nail technology keeps revolving with time just like anything else. Well as much as technology is believe to have many negative effects, it has positive ones too. Regardless of the kind of person you are even those who are very health conscious, you can still enjoy nail technology and be fine. The world right now is crazy about going organic but unfortunately this cannot apply in some cases. But thank God for the change in nail technology such as the introduction of nail dip powder which is safer and way better than acrylics and gel applications. There is much more change in technology that has brought a lot of convenience too and thus there is no excuse of not doing your nails. Some of the reasons why you should embrace nail technology such as Nugenesis dip powder includes:

It is nontoxic: It is a better alternative for those who want to look good but at the same time are health conscious. As opposed to acrylic and gel which normally have toxic ingredients, a dip powder is much safer. It is also a great alternative to those who are sensitive and have an allergic reaction to gel and acrylics. Good thing with dip powder is that there is no UV lamp involved which is not the safest, there are no harmful primers that are needed during the application process, it is also odor free and just needs to air dry. It is the best organic option that you will find when it comes to nail care. You don’t have to worry about much.

Stronger natural nails: Customers who have used dip powder have reported to have stronger natural nails which were visible from the first application. With continued application it even gets better. It is way better than those who go for nail hardeners as they may have a negative effect in the long run. Dip powders are therefore a good solution to those who are looking for stronger but natural nails.

Lasts longer: The going has become busy and many people would not want tot commit to something that will take up much of their time. A dip powder is therefore a good solution to those who are busy and don’t have much time to waste. It can stay for up to 2- 4 weeks though that will depend on one’s nails and their rate of growth. For those who have a fast rate of nail growth, they will have to refresh it for every three weeks. For any normal person they will have to refresh it like monthly.

Chip resistant: There is nothing as bad as your nails chipping. Good thing with a dip powder is that it is not only water resistant but also chip resistant. So, if you struggle with chipping Nils or you are concerned about it, then this is the best solution for you as you are guaranteed of a long-lasting and natural finish that does not chip at all.