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Reasons Camping is Beneficial to Your Health

Whenever the summer comes, people think of going out with their families. Some of the things that come to mind include fishing, camping, swimming, and sports. In this article, we are going to look at camping, focusing on some of the reasons why camping is beneficial to your health.

Fresh Air

Being out there means that you’ll have access to plenty of fresh air, something that brings about a feeling of happiness due to the release of serotonin. Oxygen is also known to make the brain function better. It also improves blood pressure, improves digestion, and boosts the immune system.


Camping is something that brings people together as they get away from their daily stresses. This leads to socialization, something that can delay memory problems and extend lifespans.


Camping often involves activities like walking, setting up camp, fishing, swimming, sports, and a host of other things that lead to exercise. This improves cardiovascular health and is beneficial to the heart and lungs.

The Best Air Mattresses

When you’re out camping, there are accessories that must be carried along such as the tent, utensils, and mattresses. We are now going to review some to try and determine the best air mattress.

Best King Size Air Mattress

Winner – Air Mattress KING size

This is a durable, easy to store, and comfortable mattress that has been around for 12 years. It is made of the best materials and comes with features such as pinch valve and accurate measurements. It reduces the chances of back ache while offering support to joints.


  • Quality material
  • Optimal customer satisfaction
  • No more back pain

Runner Up – Best Price Mattress 8″ Air Mattress

This is an 8″ air mattress designed for comfort. It is made from memory foam and is CertiPUR-US certified, made from polyurethane foam. It comes infused with charcoal that takes care of odors. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • More restful sleep
  • Cooling effect
  • Removable poly-jacquard fabric cover

Best Queen Size Air Mattress

Winner – SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This is one of the best queen sized mattresses that is made with modern technology combines with needs and requirements of the consumers.


  • ComfortCoil technology
  • 1-click internal pump
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Puncture-resistance
  • 1-year guarantee

Runner Up – Lazery Sleep Air Mattress – Raised Electric Airbed

This is probably one of the most comfortable inflatable beds in the market, and it comes with a pump that fills it up in seconds.


  • Heavy duty air bed
  • Built-in electric pump
  • 1-year warranty
  • 7 remote settings
  • Portable convenience

Alternative – Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

This is a portable mattress that is also comfortable, even coming with a duffle bag for easy storage. It features flocking on the top for comfort and preventing slipping off from the bed. It also comes with a built-in pillow on the top.


  • Built-in electric pump
  • Durable construction
  • Affordability
  • Convenient carry bag
  • Versatility


Camping is something that is healthy, coming with numerous advantages, some of which are listed above. When going on camping trips, we should carry the best accessories, which could include some of the air mattresses reviewed above.

The Right Way to Camp for Health Improvement

Health experts believe that you should get away from home at least once a year to maintain good mental health.  But if you consider the high stress levels associated with modern living then I think we can all agree that leaving the house for a bit of relax time should happen way more than just once a year.  You should get out and away from work, home and family stress at least once every three months.  This can be tough to accomplish since holiday accommodations can be so expensive.  Camping is however a good solution to those that wants to get away more often because it is affordable.  Camping is also the holiday or adventure type with the most health benefits.

The Right Way to Camp for Health Improvement

How to camp for improved health?

If you want to camp for improved health then there are several aspects that should be considered;

  • Choose tented camping above accommodation camping. Natural wilderness camping involves a lot more activities like setting up your tent, clearing a fireplace, building a fire place and a lot of other activities that makes camping fun.
  • You should have access to fresh water. There is nothing that can affect your health worse than contaminated water.
  • Choose a camping location with plenty of activities like hiking trails, biking trails, fishing and more that you can enjoy so you can get more out of your trip and so you can get more exercise.
  • Travel far from the city so you can enjoy a lot of fresh air.
  • Camping next to a water source like a lake or dam might be chillier but is healthier since there is much more to do.
  • Don’t take your tech along on your trip. Technology is bad for cognitive function and you don’t get the stress relief and type of rest that your mind needs.
  • Try at least one new thing on your trip. New things are superb for boosting self-confidence and for personal improvement.
  • Don’t eat too much or too much unhealthy foods and snacks on your trip. Too much eating makes you feel bloated and too much sugar is bad for your health.  Consider healthy camp food recipes while you are having fun in the outdoors.
  • Keep costs low on your trip. The last thing you need is more financial stress and inexpensive camping trips means that you can get away more often.

The right gear is of course a must

Enjoyable camping is only possible and safe if you have the right gear.  Check out what is new at TentsAndCampGear so you can get a good look at the best possible camping gear to buy for your regular trips.  With the right gear you can enjoy easier and inexpensive traveling expeditions.  The right gear also makes it possible for you to be healthier and more active during your camping trips because you can do more in less time, sleep better and have a lot more fun if you have the right essentials.…

Camping is Good for Your Health

Long treks in the woods. Sleeping out under the stars. The smell of coffee over an open campfire. These all conjure wonderful memories for those of us that have enjoyed camping at various times in our lives. Interestingly enough, you probably didn’t realize it then, but camping is good for your health. And, since it’s good for you and fun too, you should probably do more of it.

But, don’t go on your next camping adventure without the Teton backpack. Weighing in at under 5 pounds, this backpack has it all. You can keep everything you are taking with you organized and even strap your sleeping bag and tent on to it. And, since it is made out of polyester, it’s breathable. Certainly you know what it’s like to carry around a backpack that makes you sweat. No one likes that. So, get your gear together and explore some of the many reasons camping is good for your health.

Camping is Good for Your Health

5 Reasons Camping is Healthy

We are here because we want to be healthy and have fun while doing it. So, what better way than to take a weekend jaunt into the wilderness? Yes, indeed, here are the 5 reasons camping is healthy. And, now that you have access to them, it’s time to start planning your next adventure:

  1. Fresh air. We all know how polluted the air is in our beloved cities. But get out under the trees and stars and take a deep breath and instantly you will feel better. There’s just something about fresh air that stirs the soul. And, since trees give off lots of very pure oxygen, camping near some is in your best interest. Plus, fresh air improves blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and can even aid in digestion. You really shouldn’t need any more reason than that. Click this for more information.
  2. Exercise. That word might as well be a four letter one for most of us. But, when you are out in the great outdoors, exploring nature, all that walking and hiking and climbing hardly even feels like exercise. It feels more like adventure and we all love a good one. So, help activate your cardiovascular system and do some good for your lungs and heart.
  3. Sunshine. In case you were unaware, the sun is actually good for you. It gets a bad rap due to the prevalence of skin cancer, but it can also provide you with much needed Vitamin D. And, in case you didn’t know this either, Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium which is known to strengthen teeth and bones. So, spend some time in the sun and wear the sunblock at the same time. Learn more.
  4. Peaceful rest. One of the greatest problems today is the inability for people to get a good night’s sleep. There are too many lights, both from streets, and the various gadgetry we flood our homes with. But, when you sleep under the stars in the still quiet of nature you will find that you can function with less inflammation, and that the campfire’s light will increase melatonin making you sleep better in general.
  5. Decrease stress. This is probably the greatest reason to go camping. We all have too much stress. Getting away from those stressors can ease the symptoms of that malady. You will feel more at ease out in the woods. Leave the technology behind and appreciate God’s creation.

If you need more reasons to take up camping for your health, read this.…

Try Camping For Improved Health

There is a common saying that work never killed anyone.  That saying couldn’t be more wrong.   Working in a stressful environment, with dangerous tools and over working can actually kill you.  It is important for you to like your work.  You may not love your job but you should at least like it in some way or you will end up depressed and stressed.  Stress has terrible effects on your body.  Your hair will start to fall out, you will gain or lose weight and you will soon become lonely because nothing annoys friends as much as someone who is constantly freaked out and over exhausted.

Try Camping For Improved Health

How camping benefits your mental health

Camping is great for your mental health because you get a break from work, people and just about anything else that might be freaking you out.  While camping you learn a lot of new things, you gain self-confidence by overcoming obstacles and you get plenty of fresh air.

How camping benefits your physical health

Camping reduces stress which already benefits you physically.  When you camp you can also enjoy a lot of activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming, jogging, hunting and more.  These activities are great for staying in shape so you will be healthier.

Make camping a breeze with the best gear

With the right gear even the most techno addicted person in the world will have a lot of fun.  You can enjoy the outdoors, nature and get a break from work without having to say goodbye to your favorite things like your phone.  Here are some great gear that will make camping a breeze;

Portable generator – A portable generator will charge your batteries for lighting and you can charge all your other techno gear like a laptop or cellphone.  If you are planning an extra-long camping holiday you can even keep your fridge cool and enjoy watching TV during boring evenings.  You can run a fan to stay cool while you sleep and basically make camping almost like being home when it is too dark to enjoy nature anyway.  Visit http://www.thetoolreport.com/best-generators/ to have a look at some of the best camping generators currently on the market.

Tent or caravan – Caravan parking is almost like taking your home with you on the trip but tent camping can be just as comfortable if you have a nice and large tent.  Decide on what you need and start investing in the right fit for you.

Sleep sacks – Sleep sacs are a must if you are camping by tent.  They take up little space and will keep you nice and snug during cold nights.

Lights – Lighting is one of the most important things of camping.  A good torch and a few lanterns will keep you safe from dangerous animals and creatures during the night.

Cookware – cooking by campfire is part of the adventure of camping.  You should invest in the right cookware so you can enjoy cooking and camping as much as possible.

The right clothing – Camping is supposed to be comfy so save your button up shirts for work and get a few sets of camouflage outfits.  Camouflage is great for camping because no one can ever see your clothes are dirty while you are having a blast out in the open.…