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Using Leasing to Start a business and free yourself of debt! 

Starting a business is an endeavor that many people decide to take and it can sometimes be stressful. Whether it’s a cake making company, a medical business, or an auto shop, you’re going to need equipment. Equipment Leasing can help. Advantage + Equipment leasing provides small businesses with loans from $2000 to $200,000. If you’re looking to start a small business, this is the way to go. That being said, there are many ways to start several different types of small businesses. However, I’m going to explain to you how these kinds of equipment loans work in order to save you some stress and time that you can spend doing other more important things like hanging out with your children or working on your health.


For starters, your startup is going to need a business plan. Without a business plan, the likelihood of being accepted is lowered. After you have your business set up, submit an application via fax, email, or on advantageleasing.com. A representative will call and ask to meet with you, and discuss the terms and conditions of your equipment leasing. If you are approved, then sooner or later Advantage Leasing will call your equipment provider to order the needed equipment.


Using leasing, your business can have a better chance at long term stability by having smaller short term payments. Leasing also allows your business to obtain new equipment without purchasing equipment at high cost, meaning upgrading is extremely simple and easy to do. Leasing also does not use any credit lines, so that your business can use more for important things, such as advertising.

Advanced Leasing also lends customers equipment at a lowered cost that is fit to today’s dollar, not tomorrow’s inflated one. The lease payments are also tax deductible – saving your business a countless number of dollars in the IRS’s books. Advanced Leasing is also a Better Business Bureau A+ member, meaning you can trust the integrity of the company’s loans.

Why start a business for a happier, healthier, and more fun life? Simple! Because when you control your own destiny, you’re destined for a better life! Imagine no longer waking up to the thought of your day job, and the thought of your own business. Headed by you. Some people like to wait until the mid 60’s to retire from their pitiful corporate job, but that’s not best for fun, health, and general success. According to an infographic from Entrepreneur, 55% of small business owners are satisfied and happy with their lives. A majority, in other words. Why is this? Because they are happy, healthy, and having fun. According to the survey, 27% also take four weeks of vacation per year. Hard work truly does pay off in the end. Many businesses take years to become profitable and well known, but that’s the price to pay. Instability in the short term for a long term win. Starting a business is no small feat, but if you put the work in, you just might succeed and live a healthier life. Advanced Leasing can help you and every other future business owner do just that.visit http://smallbiztrends.com/2015/08/small-business-prepare-for-tropical-sim.html today!