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Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

The movie Wall-E might be fictional but it does deliver a very important and very powerful message.  Technology can be great but if misused like the citizens in this Disney Pixar film we can definitely count on plenty of unpleasant health disadvantages.  And we are seeing these disadvantages all over in real life.  Technology like smartphones is distracting us from interaction, socialization and from having real-life adventures.  Technology like TV and tabs is consuming our time and leaving little time for exercising and staying fit.  Technology like smartphone calculators make life simple but keep our mind from doing the simplest calculations.

The hoverboard is one of the latest techno developments that are available to the public and the performance of these electrical riders is pretty good considering the fact that it hasn’t been on the market for very long. Hoverboards are plenty of fun and it is absolutely captivating to watch someone else glide smoothly and aimlessly along walkways.

Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

But one question remains; are hoverboards healthy?

Well, the simple truth is that hoverboards are not nearly as healthy as taking a good stroll with your own two feet.  Physical exercise is incredibly important especially in our modern lifestyle that consists of mostly sitting while we work, socialize, relax, play and do basically anything else.

But hoverboards certainly aren’t all bad.  In fact, if you really think about it, these fun electrical riders do have quite a few health benefits in store for you like the following;

It’s a break from tech

Yes, a hoverboard is technology but it still gives you a break from technology when you are riding it.  Does that make any sense at all?  Well, it is quite simple.  We all know that spending too much time on those smartphones, tabs and in front of the TV is dangerous.  Screen time overstimulates your brain, isn’t good for your eyes and is very unhealthy.  The one thing you cannot do is hover and minds your phone at the same time.  Hoverboards gives you a good break from tech and focuses your mind on your surroundings, your body and on balance.   Hovering is also great fun and gives kids a good distraction from screen time that can be so addictive.

You do burn some calories

Riding a hoverboard doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as walking but you do still burn about 300 calories for every half an hour spent riding.  While this isn’t much it is still a lot better than sitting there on your sofa while you munch on all sorts of unhealthy snacks.

Enhances concentration

You do need to concentrate quite a lot to keep your balance and to maneuver this little device.  Hoverboards enhance your concentration and keep you focused on your environment, surroundings and your destination.

Improves reflexes

Balancing isn’t enough to keep you on a hoverboard.  You need good reflexes and great body control in order to keep from falling.  Balancing is great for strengthening muscles and this activity also boosts your reflexes.

It is clear to see that hoverboarding isn’t the healthiest thing on hearth but it certainly is a lot healthier than many of the other activities we have become so addicted to in our modern lifestyle.  And to answer the big question; is hoverboarding healthy?  We have to say yes! It is a pretty healthy activity.

Fun Ways to Lose Weight

One of the things that people would like to achieve soon is to lose weight but they do not know where to begin. Do you want to lose a few pounds but you find exercising boring? You do not have to rely on exercise alone in order to lose weight. If you want to know some challenges that can help you, check out thedanettechallenge.com. You will surely find some ideas that will help you lose weight at the soonest possible time.

Fun Ways to Lose Weight

Fun Ways to Lose Weight

These are some of the tips that can help you lose weight soon:

  • You should not diet

One of the biggest misconceptions of people when they are losing weight is that they should diet. They should deprive themselves of eating what they want so they will lose weight. This is not true. When you deprive yourself, you will find yourself thinking about the food that you want to eat until you cannot take it anymore. You will succumb to temptation, and you consume more calories.

Eat the things that you want in moderation and eat more of the things that are good for you. Add more greens to your diet and occasionally indulge in food products that your body does not need. The more that you are able to control your portions, the better your body will lose the excess weight.

  • Try to get more sleep.

There are a lot of people who do not get enough sleep anymore because they are too busy with work. You should try to find time to relax and get more sleep whenever you can. It will give your body a chance to become strong again so you are ready for the next day.

It will be fun to sleep a lot because you will truly feel energized the next day. Who does not want to feel awake the moment that they wake up, right?

  • Try to stand up more often.

A lot of people do not like standing because they get tired easily but standing actually burns more calories than sitting down because your body has to exert more effort in keeping its balance. You need to more around every 4 hours when you are awake. It will let your body now that it should still keep burning more calories. This is fun because standing up does not take a lot of effort to do. You may even walk around a bit to encourage your metabolism to become even faster than before.

  • Indulge in martial arts.

There are some martial arts that you can try even when you are already an adult. A lot of people like Muay Thai but you can choose to do Krav Maga or Karate. It will depend on what you think you will use most of all.

  • Do hula hoops.

When was the last time that you have done some hula hoops? You do not have to be a child to enjoy playing with this item. This can be a very nice item to play with and it is inexpensive too. It might take time before you know how to use it but the moment that you do, you will be able to lose a lot of weight effectively.

Who says that losing weight is going to be boring? These tips will help you burn more calories.…

Fun Ways to Lose That Extra Weight!

Many individuals who need to get fit realize that setting off to the gym and following a legitimate eating regimen will enable them to achieve their objectives. In any case, they don’t do anything because of apathy, work weight or absence of inspiration. Indeed, even individuals who are committed and join a gym, regularly abandon it after a couple of days referring to tiredness, weakness or diversions. In this insightful article, we give such individuals an outline of substitute techniques they can use to shed those additional kilos.

The reason workout routines get exhausting is on account of the fact that they are routines! The minute you begin feeling a commitment to accomplish something, you would prefer not to do it any longer. Same activities, same music in the meantime consistently; practicing turns into a commitment that transforms into a discipline. In the event that you’ve taken a stab at gymming and bombed, possibly it’s a great opportunity to try different things with some fun exercise schedules. Here are a couple of alternatives to kick you off:

Fun Ways to Lose That Extra Weight!

  1. Hula Hoops

Would you trust that hula hooping can burn up to 600 calories 60 minutes? Having said that, it’s not easy hula hooping for an hour yet you get the idea– it’s fun, physically escalated and you can do it in the privacy of your room. Yes, it likewise helps you get more fit and lose weight. On the off chance that you are a beginner, attempt a weighted loop since it’s simpler to turn yet as you improve change to a lighter band which requires more exertion from you to pivot and consequently, helps burn more calories. What’s more, the elderly can attempt them as well. Simply put on some music and you are ready.

  1. Biking

Riding a bike can definitely help shed that extra weight and is a fun activity at the same time. The amount of calories you burn during this activity depends on the type of bike, the intensity of the biking and the area as well. If you want to get a really effective bike workout that is fun at the time, our recommendation is recumbent bike. It is not only fun but also gives your body a proper workout and helps get rid of that extra fat.

  1. Skating

Something we’ve all attempted and delighted in spite of failing on our posteriors or stumbling over a knock. Yet, here’s something you didn’t know – it can help you burn calories as well. Actually, in the event that you are more than 70 kilos, you can consume more than 500 calories 60 minutes! Not only does it enable muscles to become stronger, it’s useful for your heart also. It’s financially savvy and has less effect than running. All you require is a smooth surface and an open range.

  1. Frisbee

Got a puppy and a park nearby? Get yourself a Frisbee and get to playing. You can get a few companions along on a weekend and have an amusement as well. In any case, all the tossing, getting and running helps your body. Truth be told, a 30 minute game can burn about 100 calories accepting you are 60 kilos. Also, it needn’t be a Frisbee – you could give volleyball a shot too.…

Fun Ways To Burn Fat

To get rid of fat around your belly and legs, you should lose fat everywhere on your body. No eating routine or exercise plan will dispose of fat only from a particular area. Be that as it may, fat loss does not require any confused eating routine or forceful and hectic exercise schedules. The most straightforward approach to lose fat on your legs and stomach is to eat less calories than you consume, and get high-impact exercise practically every single day. You can likewise make muscle tone with resistance training. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, there are fun things you can do to lose the fat so it’ll be a win-win for you!

Calorie Intake

The way to getting rid of fat is making a calorie deficiency. By burning 3,500 more calories than the amount of calories you eat, you’ll lose a pound. In this way, you can lose a pound of fat for each week on the off chance that you cut 500 calories every day. Try not to be enticed by crash diets. Although serious calorie limitation may bring about speedier weight loss, the weight loss will probably originate from water and muscle. The normal decently active lady needs 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day to maintain current weight. The normal grown-up male needs 2,200 to 2,800. The number runs up with action level, and decays marginally with age.

Fun Ways To Burn Fat


Cardio training can help in two ways: by consuming calories and by conditioning your legs. Strolling, running, bicycling and utilizing exercise machines all give cardio while building muscle in the leg area. For the quickest weight reduction comes about, consolidate interims into your schedule. On the off chance that you walk, break into a 60-second run at regular intervals. On the off chance that you typically run, break into a dash for small time period. The blasts of energy will make you consume more calories, and furthermore help mitigate any exercise weariness. Do 20 to 45 minutes of cardio five to seven days.

Fat Burning Creams

We all thought it was a myth and it doesn’t really work but science has proved us wrong. Fat burning creams are very real and they work like a charm. After reading this, many people will still be confused and will question the truth about fat burning creams. If you’re one of those people, check out this link to get all your questions answered: kneefat.com/fat-burning-cream-truth/

Belly Toning

Stomach exercises can supplement your weight loss plan by including muscle definition and conditioning your core. Be that as it may, they won’t dispose of belly fat. Twice per week, do stomach exercises like crunches, sit-ups and V-ups. Fuse some lower back exercises into your schedule, too. It’s essential to work contradicting muscle groups keeping in mind the end goal to avoid imbalance, which prompts poor posture and different issues. Try not to work a similar muscle workout two days consecutively, as this can bring about damage from abuse.

Leg Toning

Similarly, as with your abs, building muscle in your legs won’t diminish fat. In any case, resistance exercises that target your lower body can give your legs a more toned look. Squats and lunges are two awesome exercises. On the off chance that you approach a stairway, walk gradually upstairs, skipping a stair at each step.…

How Volleyball Can Keep You Healthier

Volleyball just like any other sport is a great way of getting healthier. With volleyball you can engage in your favorite sport at the same time getting healthier. Staying fit does not have to be boring; you can burn those extra calories while having fun. We all know the adverse effects of not exercising, our bodies get grumpy and our health too. Some of the ways in which volleyball can help you get healthier include:

Helps you burn calories

We all know that calories are what are responsible for weight gain; therefore burning calories helps us to lose weight and that extra fat. According to studies, one can burn up to 100 calories in a half hour volleyball game and so the longer the better.

Body toning

Volleyball helps in toning your body and making sure that it is in shape. The activities involved in the game helps to exercise and strengthen the upper body as well as the muscles of the lower body. In general it has a way of toning all the muscles in the body. By exercising the upper part of the body, it helps in improving its cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

How Volleyball Can Keep You Healthier

Increases body metabolism

Volley ball has a way of increases the metabolic rate which makes sure that digestion is easier and there is good supply of energy. This helps to improve the performance of the body.

Improves hand eye coordination

Volley ball as a game is all about coordinating the hands and the eyes. Whether it is to serve or defend you have to have a proper coordination of the hands and the eyes.

Helps to increase flexibility and balance

In volleyball, there is need for quick change in pace and direction. The activities involved in the game help the players to be more flexible and have a good balance. There is need of balance for the game to be played well.

Keeps your heart healthy

By exercising the upper body, volleyball increases the heart rate which aids in more circulation of blood in the body resulting to a healthy body. A healthy heart means a healthy body.

Builds your muscle strength

In volleyball, the chest and core muscles are engaged everyday which helps them to strengthen. Your different muscles will strengthen with time as they are needed in the game.


Even though volleyball as a game has many positive effects on our health, there are many factors that may affect the results we get. The skill of the game and commitment is a very important factor that will affect the results we get from it. One other thing that is under estimated is the volleyball shoes. The right shoes go a very long way, not only will they help your feet to breath but will also aid in helping you to be more flexible easily. There are many places that sell volleyball shoes but to get the best volley ball shoes needs a lot of research and comparison.…