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Get Healthier With Organic Foods

There has been a lot of increased popularity about organic foods. But is it empty talk or its actually beneficial or its just empty talk? We’ll find out in a few.

According to scientific research, there is no much evidence to support the notion that organic food is necessarily better than non-organic food. According to FDA and USDA, for some foods, organic is better than non-organic; it depends with the kind of foods. This therefore suggests that organic food might be better than non-organic food. Some of the benefits of organic foods include:

Get Healthier With Organic Foods

Rich in antioxidants

Organic foods have higher levels of anti-oxidants than non-organic food as there has been no use of chemicals and pesticides which may have interfered with the chemical component, vitamins or minerals of the food. Anti-oxidants are very beneficial to the body; they work to remove toxins from the body which are responsible for causing many diseases.

Absence of pesticides

One of the major advantages of organic foods is that they don’t have pesticides used on them making them healthier alternatives as compared to non-organic food. Pesticides have a harmful chemical called organophosphorus which may be harmful to the body especially for infants and pregnant women. It may be the cause of developmental problems such as autism and ADHD. For pregnant women and infants therefore, organic foods may be a better choice.

Increased heart health

Organic milk and meat contributes to having a healthier heart. When animals graze, it increases the production of conjugated linoleic acid that is a heart healthy fatty acid that is responsible for cardiovascular protection.

Healthy immune system

Consumption of organic food helps to ensure a strong immune system. Research in animals shows that consumption of genetic modified foods is responsible for a weakened immune system, high birth mortality, sexual dysfunction, cancers and increased sensitivity to allergens. It is very likely that humans will face the same effects upon long-term consumption of GM foods.

Antibiotic resistance

The fact that antibiotics are used on non-organic animals leads to increases to a weakened immune system when humans consume that as basically that will mean an overdose of antibiotics which is unhealthy for humans.

Better taste

The fact that there are no chemicals and pesticides that are used on organic foods; it makes them to have a better natural taste. The fact that there are no preservatives used and most of the time the organic food is fresh has an influence on its taste.


Maybe it may be worth the switch from non-organic to organic food. With the introduction of many pesticides in the market, some pesticides may be very harmful to our bodies and even cause genetic problems among many other problems. Use of preservatives and GMO foods is evidently harmful to our bodies. The good news is that there are many places where we can shop for organic foods including online. From sites such as https://jivaorganicfoods.com/ we can get sorted on all our organic food’s needs.