Showing your friends you care about them


Sometimes, it is very important to express love and care to your dear ones to make them feel special. We usually love or care about someone but we never express it. Some people think expressing makes it feel like fake but survey found out that when you express your care towards your friends, it strengthens the friendship bond between you. We all love our friends and can do anything to make them happy or help them in the times of need but sometimes, it important t express your love and care other than their birthday or friendship day. Here are some of the ways you can show your friends that you care about them.

  • Send them a friendship SMS

No matter how old we grow up, we always wait for a sweet text message to make us smile. Send a nice friendship SMS to your friends to make them feel special and loved. You can find many friendship quotes on the internet. Find the one that matches the story of you and your friend and send it via SMS. You can also send a plain text message expressing your feelings about him/her. Or maybe you can make them cry of happiness by writing them a beautiful poem based on your fun and memorable moments.

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  • Make them a meal

Ever wondered how much your friend has done for you? For making you smile to being your crime partner, a friend is someone who is with you no matter what. You can make them a meal to express your love and care towards them. Prepare their favorite meal and plan a perfect lunch or dinner where you can talk about fun and crazy things and say thank you to each other in your own ways.

  • Hug them more often

A hug is more than just a physical contact between two bodies. A friend’s hug can turn everything wrong into right and encourage you fight your toughest time. Hug your friend more often to tell him/her that you care and will always be with him/her. Hug in their best as well as worst time. Hug them when they are happy, sad, nervous, numb or just feeling cold. The way you hug them will make them feel protective around you and strengthen the bonds between you.

  • Encourage them in their goals in life

You must encourage your friend to achieve their goals in life. Help them in the times of need. Be their financial, moral and emotional support and always suggest them the best ways to achieve their goals in life. Take part in active discussions with your friends about future planning. Always listen to them and try to solve their problems. There is always a give and take relationship so when he helps you, you owe him a big time too.