Scientific research leading to medical miracles

If one takes a look at how far we have come with scientific research it would seem adamant that the days of an entire community being wiped out by influenza is a thing of the past. Thanks to scientists working hard every day to discover new and wonderful cures and ways to simplify life it is possible for disabled and chronically ill people to live their daily lives without being too disrupted by their ailments. With attachable limbs that respond to your thoughts and various other revolutionary studies, Dove Press reveals some wonderful information about groundbreaking research. It is astounding what we can do today and how technology and other discoveries have revolutionized medical care.

There are many sources of medical research, experiments and outcomes available online that give those hope that have none. It is amazing to think that a person can use a prosthetic hand as a regular hand with cleverly located sensors. Prosthetic limbs used to give the wearer a feeling of replacing something that was lost but could never be used as a functioning limb. With technology today everything is possible. Take a look.

Scientific research leading to medical miracles

Dove Press contains thousands of medical journals that contain informative articles and information that makes a good read for just about anyone. As an open access academic publisher, Dove Press charges a fee for authors to publish information on the site which gets allocated to less fortunate countries to aid in further scientific research.  When looking up scientific research online you will find some amazing experimental procedures. Here are a few worth mentioning.

Stem Cells engineered to grow cartilage

This process eliminates extensive surgery and assists in the treatment of worn hip bones. Hip injuries can be incredibly hard to live with and surgery usually includes a very long and painful recuperation period.

Sight restoration for the three blind mice

Another revolutionary study presented a form of visual stimulation that caused the growth of optical nerve.  How amazing would it be if this non intrusive method could be used to return sight to those that haven’t been able to see for years?

An antibody drug to control multiple sclerosis

Imagine a drug developed to treat MS, revolutionary to say the least, an illness thought incurable and one that has a great impact on many lives. A disease that affects the central nervous system in such a way that one deteriorates with time. To be able to control this would be amazing.

Introducing sound to those that cannot hear

There are various hopeful projects like a doctor capable of growing a new inner ear or targeted neural stimulation which proves that we are getting closer and closer to treating and curing hearing loss. This would be an amazing experience for people that have never heard in their lives as this will allow them to hear and speak for the first time. These processes are still work in progress but prove to be closer to reality than we think.