Crazy Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

You are probably tired of reading all the dieting and exercise articles that inundate the web. We are too. We were looking for some of the more bizarre and definitely crazy fun ways to stay in shape. And, since it would appear there are not a lot of reading options, we decided to create our own list of suggestions.

If you recall the craze that was the hoverboard, then you have probably read a little about it on sites like It offered a fun way to explore the outdoors. And, though many people would not view it as a means of attaining exercise, the leg strength and endurance required to maintain adequate balance is actually quite impressive. These are the kinds of crazy fun methods for staying in shape we are looking for.

Crazy Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

6 Options to Achieving Fun Fitness

Gym routines get boring and the last thing you need is more boredom in your life. So we set out to investigate some activities that might be crazy fun while still adding to our health and well-being. These are our 6 options for achieving fun fitness:

  1. Hula hooping– Yes, we know it seems like child’s play, but the truth is, you were probably in better physical shape when you were a child than you are now. So, why not revert to those activities that kept your hips slender, your cardio up, and your butt and thighs toned?
  2. Pole dancing– Ok, ok, we know you will initially feel absolutely ridiculous. However, once the music hits and no one is watching, you will find that there’s a certain intrigue that surrounds the aerobic and upper body strength you build while dancing. Read more.
  3. Indoor rock climbing– Maybe you would prefer not to have the sun shining down on your head while you pursue your fitness endeavors. This is where indoor activities can prove quite adequate. And, this is especially true when those behaviors incorporate strength and balance building and can knock out 800 calories within an hour! To better understand rock climbing read this.
  4. Jump rope– Again, we are asking you to revert to your childhood. If you can find some friends to jump rope with all the more fun in the fitness arena. Believe it or not, jumping rope is a full body cardiovascular workout. You can jump rope for 15 minutes and potentially burn 200 calories.
  5. Fencing– Everybody wants to use a sword, how cool is that? Competition and a fast paced aerobic workout are what’s in store for anyone who decides to add fencing to their list of healthy endeavors. Learn more.
  6. Join a team– You won’t have to have that negative middle school experience again. This time you can choose to join an extracurricular team. Play softball, run races, or do any other variety of outdoor athletic team based activities. Sometimes it is easier to stay engaged in your health ventures when there are other people who need you and are holding you accountable.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what kind of activities you choose to keep yourself in optimal shape. What matters is that you make the effort to pursue good fitness. Eventually you will find a group or exercise that really speaks to your level of enjoyment, and that will help sustain you in your quest to stay in shape.

Have More Fun in Your Home by Practicing Good Pest Control

Does your hair rise at the thought of using your kitchen because there are so many cockroaches swarming about in there during the night?  Are you too fearful of spiders to use your shower?  Are rodents constantly chewing up your vehicle’s electric wiring?  Are mosquitos and bedbugs driving you insane?  Can you see how pests are sucking the fun out of your home life?  It is time to reclaim your home from these unwanted creditors so you can once again relax, enjoy your home to the fullest and be healthier.

Keep your home clean

A clean home is a fun home.  When your home is messy, you don’t just feel confused and messy. You are also luring insects and rodents to your home by leaving food sources and dirty plates around the house.  If these insects and rodents get food in your house, they will see your home as a good place to nest, multiply and they will infest.  When your home is cleaned properly and regularly, you are much less likely to struggle with nasty insect infestations.

Have More Fun in Your Home by Practicing Good Pest Control

How often you should fumigate

A good fumigation will leave your home bug free for up to six months.  Pest control companies like Never Pest can fumigate your home for you and will rid you of all the most commonly found creatures like bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies and more.  The bugs will still be able to enter your home but will quickly die due to the lingering pesticides.

Practice good rodent control throughout the year

Rodents are terrible for your home.  They can cause a lot of damage to your electrical wiring and can even result in house fires.  Rodents are some of the toughest pests to control because they aren’t sensitive to pesticides.  You have to put out poisoned bait or traps to rid your home of such an infestation.  They can also resurface easily because rodents are incredibly fast, mobile and they can squeeze into your home through a tiny hole.  To keep rodent infestations controlled you have to continuously practice good rodent prevention methods by setting out traps and bait every now and then and by keeping an eye out for droppings so you can spot an infestation.

Remove dead animal stench from your home

While you are practicing good rodent control measures, you can easily end up with a dead rat in your home.  The decomposing body will smell terrible and the smell will linger as long as the rodent is decomposing, which can be weeks depending on the climate.  Imagine trying to eat a meal with the smell of decomposing flesh in your home…ew!  Never Pest has good techniques for removing that dead mouse smell in the walls that you can check out on their website.   If you follow their techniques you can get that odor removed from your home easily so you can once again enjoy your house.  The Never Pest site also features some great advice on how to keep rodents from your home and more.…

Fun Workouts to Try Today!

Some people say they don’t have time to exercise. Some people say they don’t have energy. The real problem is that they don’t have FUN exercising. It’s surprisingly much, much easier to stick to an exercise regimen when you look forward to it. Here are a few ideas to get you out and about, without groaning every step of the way.

Geocaching: The Legal Alternative for Plunder

Hiking is a grand old time, but what if you don’t have a forest paradise sitting in your back yard? Well, charge up your phone, turn on the GPS and get yourself some trinkets, because Geocaching may be right up your alley. Geocaching is a large scale, share-economy organized treasure hunt. Someone hides a small package or item and attaches a GPS tag. The seeker then walks, runs, climbs, and sometimes swims to the location, and nabs some fine treasure. Of course, you really should leave something behind for the next person. Geocaching works as well in the wilderness as it does in the city, and who knows what you’ll find! Bonus points if you put on some pirate regalia and make a giant X where the treasure is.

Rock Climbing: It’s Safer than Basketball

Did you know that rock and wall climbing is one of the safest ways to exercise? It’s also one of the most scalable ways to exercise, with minor adjustments turning the most ferocious challenge into a newbie-friendly experience fit for the whole family. Climbers have an extreme focus on safety, and the activity itself is simple enough that young children can tackle it, once you have the safety equipment settled. The lack of injuries is remarkable, and, you have to admit, it looks kind of cool when someone reaches the top of that scary looking wall. Hard enough to keep anyone in shape, safe and comfortable enough to bring a friend (or more) to, and awesome to boot? That’s hard to beat.

Fun Workouts to Try Today!

Playgrounds: Slide Yourself into Fitness

One of the great things about being an adult: getting to decide what being an adult actually means. Children are getting less and less time for recess in schools now, and the results show. But, the other side of that argument: maybe it’s time to just play. There are plenty of parks out and about with swings, monkey bars, and slides, just like when you were a kid, and there’s nothing stopping you from going after-hours and having yourself a good old-fashioned game of tag. Make an obstacle course and race your friends! With the rise of body-weight exercising, you could likely get full routines going playing literal games. Let your inner child loose!

Dancing: ELECTRIC Slide Yourself into Fitness

Look me in the eye and tell me that dancers aren’t in shape. Dancers are relentlessly in shape, but that doesn’t mean you have to go quite so far in. But most areas offer dance classes aimed for pros and beginners, and it’s a surprisingly great way to meet people! Already have a partner in mind? You’ll be surprised how many spontaneous dance sessions break out in your daily life.

Add some workout supplements to your exercise, like those available at, and you’ll be seeing results before you know it. There’re even more ways to get fit, so be creative! Remember, do what you enjoy, and you won’t have to work (out) a day in your life!…

Try Camping For Improved Health

There is a common saying that work never killed anyone.  That saying couldn’t be more wrong.   Working in a stressful environment, with dangerous tools and over working can actually kill you.  It is important for you to like your work.  You may not love your job but you should at least like it in some way or you will end up depressed and stressed.  Stress has terrible effects on your body.  Your hair will start to fall out, you will gain or lose weight and you will soon become lonely because nothing annoys friends as much as someone who is constantly freaked out and over exhausted.

Try Camping For Improved Health

How camping benefits your mental health

Camping is great for your mental health because you get a break from work, people and just about anything else that might be freaking you out.  While camping you learn a lot of new things, you gain self-confidence by overcoming obstacles and you get plenty of fresh air.

How camping benefits your physical health

Camping reduces stress which already benefits you physically.  When you camp you can also enjoy a lot of activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming, jogging, hunting and more.  These activities are great for staying in shape so you will be healthier.

Make camping a breeze with the best gear

With the right gear even the most techno addicted person in the world will have a lot of fun.  You can enjoy the outdoors, nature and get a break from work without having to say goodbye to your favorite things like your phone.  Here are some great gear that will make camping a breeze;

Portable generator – A portable generator will charge your batteries for lighting and you can charge all your other techno gear like a laptop or cellphone.  If you are planning an extra-long camping holiday you can even keep your fridge cool and enjoy watching TV during boring evenings.  You can run a fan to stay cool while you sleep and basically make camping almost like being home when it is too dark to enjoy nature anyway.  Visit to have a look at some of the best camping generators currently on the market.

Tent or caravan – Caravan parking is almost like taking your home with you on the trip but tent camping can be just as comfortable if you have a nice and large tent.  Decide on what you need and start investing in the right fit for you.

Sleep sacks – Sleep sacs are a must if you are camping by tent.  They take up little space and will keep you nice and snug during cold nights.

Lights – Lighting is one of the most important things of camping.  A good torch and a few lanterns will keep you safe from dangerous animals and creatures during the night.

Cookware – cooking by campfire is part of the adventure of camping.  You should invest in the right cookware so you can enjoy cooking and camping as much as possible.

The right clothing – Camping is supposed to be comfy so save your button up shirts for work and get a few sets of camouflage outfits.  Camouflage is great for camping because no one can ever see your clothes are dirty while you are having a blast out in the open.…

Fun habits to stay healthy

Our health is incredibly important and we need to constantly adopt new ways to stay fit and ready for anything that comes our way. It doesn’t necessarily mean that staying healthy isn’t fun. There are many habits you can implement in your daily life to stay healthy which will help you to get rid of nasty habits. Health needs to constantly be maintained to stay above the line. Stay positive and make the most of your new, healthy journey. Have fun and remember a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down as Mary Poppins used to say.

Hum a tune as you floss and brush

Get rid of bacteria and never experience painful toothache again by taking good care of your teeth. By flossing and humming a tune while you do it your day just might start a little more positive. Prevent gum disease while singing a song.

Get experimental with food

There is no reason why healthy food should be boring or distasteful. Take time to do research about different veggies and include the right stuff in your diet. Be experimental and take time to learn and try new recipes. There are many websites that can help you with this. Click here to take a look at some healthy and exciting meals.

Fun habits to stay healthy

Take a break

It is so true that travelling is food for the soul. Going somewhere for a holiday or a weekend shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Work out a budget that includes travelling and make sure to visit new and exciting locations as often as possible. Take a look at these cheap flights for some great budget options for travelling.

Leave your car at home

Cycling and walking is a great way to better your health and will give you sufficient exercise and a scenic route. It is fun to cycle and you will find it incredibly refreshing and energizing. Not only will you be bettering your physical condition, you will also be doing less damage to the environment. There are countless movements that promote car-free days. There are even more cycle paths lately.

Don’t use your mobile phone while driving

This one might not be directly related to your health as much as it is to your lifespan. It is incredibly dangerous to use a mobile phone while driving and no one should do it. Instead sing along to your favorite song. Share a smile with other drivers on the road and arrive at work calm and focused.

Do yoga

A fun and interactive way to enhance your health is to join a yoga class. This ancient form of toning and meditation will be great for your body and mind. You will also enjoy the benefit of meeting other likeminded individuals that are also on a healthy journey with whom you can trade recipes and ideas. There are so many benefits at your fingertips by joining a yoga class, click here to take a look at some of them.…

Fun Things to do with Your Basement

Where is the least healthy place in your house? So long as you keep your bathrooms clean, the next space in line is probably the basement. It is there that we often find darkness and damp. This is a great place to grow mold and mildew. So, if you are looking to live a healthy life in your home, you might want to consider these fun things to do with your basement.

Most basements boast bare concrete floors. But, if you have already begun some work down there, and find that you have carpet, you might want to look into carpet repair & carpet restretching- just click here. This could be a cheaper venue than some of the other suggestions we are about to make. However, since we are looking for fun, healthier, ways to design your basement, you might want to consider our recommendations.

Fun Things to do with Your Basement

Creating an Enjoyable Basement Atmosphere

It is our hope that the process of creating these enjoyable basement atmospheres will be fun for you. However, we understand that some people don’t deem do-it-yourself work terribly entertaining. That is why we also decided to pick designs that were fun in and of them, if not completely beneficial to health. Here are our top basement design proposals:

Giant Playhouse– Imagine turning your basement into a totally kid focused and friendly space. You could create an entire playhouse within the walls of your underground area. They can be giant chalk boards or murals, and the flooring could be covered with mix and match carpet remnants offering a sort of Dr. Seussical presentation. Now that’s fun.

Game Room– Set it up as the ultimate man or woman cave. Add ping pong and pool tables. Design a separate bar area and a work out station. Then hang a giant big screen TV on one wall. You can work out, play games, and enjoy a drink all in the comfort of your own home. Check out these designs.

Hockey– This one is sure to spark the fun in your imagination. You can create your own indoor hockey rink. Create a floor that is similar to an air hockey table or use plastic ice. Buy some goals and some hockey sticks and bring on the competition. This will be a great opportunity to exercise and play with the kids. Learn more.

Pool- Yes, we have seen people turn their basements into indoor swimming pools. Imagine coming down the stairs and walking straight into your own secret oasis! The joy of swimming whenever you want in a temperature controlled space should be quite the catalyst for choosing to renovate the basement. Read more.

Concerts- Add sound proofing to your walls and once you have that carpet cleaned up, repaired, and restretched it will help muffle the sound. Then you can hold concerts in your basement or at the very least, invite the members of your band over for practice.

Legos and Brew– Incorporate tons of shelving to create an incredible amount of space to organize and store your Lego collection. Then, build a tasteful bar with places for all your distilling equipment. You can build incredible Lego cities while enjoying your own microbrewery.

Sure, some of these suggestions are not super healthy, but we are convinced that they would be a lot of fun!…

Tips to get healthy fast

Your health is incredibly important and something you should take care of everyday. There are a few unhealthy habits we can kick that will have an impact on your health fast. Remember that we cannot get rid of all the damage that we have done immediately. It took years of eating the wrong foods and taking part in nasty habits to get as unhealthy as we are today. Quite simply the best way to get healthy is by starting the journey to a healthier you. You might even become more eco-friendly with some of these tips.

Tips to get healthy fast

Wash your bedding regularly

Dust mites are just horrible for sinus and allergies and need to be eliminated regularly. To do this you need to wash your bedding every week in hot water or purchase mattress and duvet covers that are designed to keep mites out.

Avoid germ on planes

A plane is unfortunately a place where germs are all the time. Stay healthy if you are a frequent flyer by turning air vents downward. In other words have the air blow down your face keeping germs away from your nose and mouth. It is filtered air that creates a bit of a barrier.

Switch your phone off at night

You need a good night’s sleep to stay healthy, start by switching your phone off to avoid any interruptions.  Having no tech around at night in your bedroom is the ideal goal. Read more about the dangers of having a Mobile phone switched on at night.

Adopt eco-friendly ways

This is the part where you will also be doing your part for the environment.  Start your green drive by recycling and eating organic foods. Avoid wasting anything by purchasing something like the mantis composter with which you can make your own compost and do your part for the environment. Everything you throw away can be used again.

Get your shots at the right time

Get your flu shot to avoid getting any new strains of flu every year. You should also get vitamin shots that will give you more energy and build your immune system. Be sure to do the relevant blood tests that will determine which deficiencies you have and consult your doctor about any vitamins that you are thinking of taking. A lot of people say that the Vitamin B injection keeps them healthy and happy every day.

Exercise regularly

A regular exercise routine forms part of everyday healthy living. Every health magazine, health website and advice column suggests exercising. They do this because it is really important. Exercising is good for your body and mind and you wouldn’t be able to be the best and healthiest version of yourself with a proper exercise routine. The thing that keeps people from exercising is lack of time. Find an exercise routine that will fit in with your daily life. There are exercises you can do that doesn’t require any equipment and takes very little time and preparation. Click here for a few exercises.…

Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

If you are looking for fun ways to support your favorite cause or charity, consider adding an element of health to the mix.  Whether you favor a simple charity walk to support the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, 5K run to fight childhood hunger, or dance-a-thon to improve conditions at your local exercise shelter, exercise and giving often go hand in hand.  If you are interested in supporting a cause in a way that also allows you to focus on healthy, consider the following options.

Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

Charity Walks and Runs

Charity walks and runs are one of the most commonly used options for combining health and charitable giving.  Many are fairly easy to organize if the event will be held on a track, but may take some serious planning if you are looking to have the event take place within city streets.

Funds are raised through registration fees of participating individuals or teams.  In order to determine how many participants can be included, it is important to consider the size of your walking or running area, as well as any time restrictions that may be in place by the owner of the track, or set by the city.

Sponsors will be needed to help offset some of the costs, and may also provide valuable advertising connections within your community.  Additional support will be needed from volunteers, various law enforcement and safety organizations, as well as any representatives of the sites at which the events will take place.


Whether you prefer to dance the night away, bowl until you drop, or marathon a skateboarding event, holding these extended events doesn’t have to be a hassle.  The key to a successful dance-a-thon, or any other activity, is to secure a proper venue for the entire duration, and have the personnel and supplies to support it.

As with charity walks or runs, these events also raise funds through registration fees, as well as through pledges of support tied directly to a participant’s participation.  Additionally, food and beverage vendors can be selected with some, or all, proceeds being directed to the chosen charity.

Since many of these events are based on endurance, you may need a wider selection of volunteers in order to support the entire time period.  Sponsors are also helpful for these events, but you may not need to involve as many local governmental organizations if the activity is contained within a business.

Consider a Challenge

Challenge events often add a twist to the traditional exercise-oriented event paradigm.  For example, instead of hosting a traditional walk or run, consider a team event where one member must remain blindfolded and rely on the guidance of the other.

Fear related challenges have participants taking on anxiety inducing activities, such rappelling, zip lines, and obstacle courses.  These events take your event to the next level by offering something beyond the standard physical charity event.

These events can be based on team or individual participation, and can be adjusted to be appropriate for different age groups or experience levels. This allows you to customize your event into a family-friendly adventure, and adult team building exercise, or a unique individual experience.

With the number of charitable events that also focus on health and fitness, you are sure to find a perfect way to raise money for your cause.…

Staying Healthy at Home

Who in this world, does not want to be fit and healthy? We all do! But only a few of us are willing to go so far to involve ourselves in regular physical activities. In addition to that, we are extremely lazy, making it impossible to take after any healthy eating lifestyle or workout schedule. This all prompts an awful health situation and creates numerous difficulties in our lives. Here are a few things you can do at the ease of your home, that can contribute towards your wellbeing.

Staying Healthy at Home

Begin Your Day with A Healthy and Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is the first feast of the day thus it ought to be nutritious and complete. You can have a dish of grain, and a few strawberries, with a glass of low fat milk for your daily breakfast. Sandwiches made using whole wheat bread, pasta, whole grain waffles, and yogurt with organic products, can likewise be solid breakfast choices.

A few of us, attempt to avoid their breakfast with a specific end goal to get more fit, which is a very bad habit. You ought to never skip your breakfast, as it would not just build the awful cholesterol levels of your blood, but would also have a negative impact on your insulin level.

Get Your Body Going by Indulging in at Least Fifty Minutes of Physical Activities Daily

In the event that you need to keep your body fit, then you ought to likewise keep it active. For this, you can undoubtedly incorporate 30 minutes of physical exercises in your every day schedule. This can be accomplished by brisk walking or jogging instead of taking a taxi or taxicab ride for heading off to wherever you plan to go.

You can likewise cycle your way to office or a companion’s place, if that spot is somewhat far. At whatever point you get a chance, try taking stairs instead of using the elevator – and walk whenever you have the chance to.

Put Together a Balanced Diet for Yourself

Balanced eating regimen is critical for a solid body. A few people prohibit themselves from specific nourishments, keeping in mind the end goal to stay fit or lose weight. However, you will be amazed to realize that you can eat practically everything, without getting fat, since, the amount matters the most. You can have anything, in limited amounts and abstain from indulging, however bear in mind to work out a little afterwards. Keep a regular check on your blood pressure, sugar levels, heartbeat, temperature, body fat etc. This can be easily done within the vicinity of your home by purchasing a few machines and apparatus. You might question yourself ‘what stethoscope should I buy’ – but the answers are all really simple.

Your suppers and snacks ought to be solid, and ready to satisfy all the wholesome necessities of your body. This implies your nourishment ought to contain enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, and even fats. The snacks that you take ought to ideally be sound, similar to, apple, whole wheat biscuits and veggies. Attempt to stay away from high calorie snacks, such as, potato chips and even cola.…

Fun Trivia to Get Your Brain Healthy

When you land on this site, Fun Ways to get Healthy, you probably expect some sort of exciting exercise routine. However, your body cannot be in optimal fitness if your brain is slacking. That’s why we determined it was time to get your brain active with some fun trivia.

Psychology today published an article entitled, Five Facts about Brain Health (you can read the whole article here). In this piece, Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD (the author) suggests that you should stay engaged in complex thinking tasks, keep learning, reasoning, and synthesizing information. So, in an effort to learn new things, we would like to introduce you to some trivia we are sure you never knew!

Crazy Trivia You Never Knew

We love learning new things and since we are trying to keep our brains healthy in a fun way, trivia seemed a great method. So we’ve compiled a list of things we feel certain will be surprisingly new and entertaining at the same time:

Fun Trivia to Get Your Brain Healthy

Military Trivia

  1. 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine are daily seized by the Coast Guard.
  2. The Pentagon spent more than the average American earns a year for every five seconds in Iraq in 2008.
  3. The A-Team is real. It’s a Special Forces subunit typically made up of 12 soldiers. And, Martin Chitwood (a prominent securities litigator) was the Commanding Officer of one such elite group.
  4. The Army National Guard was founded in 1636 and is one of the oldest military organizations worldwide.
  5. Otto Fuel powers the US Navy MK Heavyweight 48 torpedo. Otto fuel already contains combustion required oxygen. Learn about these weapons here.

Celebrity Trivia

  1. Martin Chitwood co-produced Unconquered a made for TV movie on CBS that aired in January of 1989.
  2. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer in a traveling circus when he was 15 years old.
  3. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York City before making it big.
  4. Jerry Springer was once the Mayor of Cincinnati.
  5. Two scientific journals have published work by Natalie Portman.
  6. Woody Harrelson’s dad was a hired hitman, otherwise known as an assassin.

Read more of these by clicking this.

Vietnam War Trivia

  1. 64% of Americans in 1965 believed communism would spread if the US withdrew from Vietnam.
  2. Even though there were 15 years of action invested in the fighting in Vietnam, Congress never made a declaration of war.
  3. Martin Chitwood served in Vietnam and received awards for valor from South Vietnam and the US Department of the Army.
  4. College educated individuals weren’t the highest percentage of people protesting the occupation even though that is how it is commonly portrayed. Only 26% of them wanted troops out; whereas 41% of people with no more than an 8th grade education protested the occupation.
  5. Student deaths at Kent State University were attributed to the fault of the students in a 1970 Newsweek Poll. The results revealed that 58% of people questioned believed the students were at fault, as opposed to the 11% that blamed the National Guard. You can learn more about that tragedy here.

If you had fun with these pieces of trivia you’ll really enjoy this link to more unexpected and little know trivia.…