New Fitness Products to Try This Year

For all those fitness freaks that are on the lookout for something new to try, we have compiled a list of authentic and new fitness products to try. These might be a bit unconventional, but whoever said being healthy was easy? With so many products out in the market, you might be able to up the ante and get the fix you needed all along. These can range from diet pills, medicines to exercise machines and equipment. Why should you buy these products and not others? Well, all of the following products are versatile and can help you in a number of ways.

New Fitness Products to Try This Year

New Fitness Products to Try This Year

So, what are these elusive products? Check these out here:


Kratom is one of the newer products that have recently hit the market. The product is available in the form of a powder extracted from the leaves of the Kratom tree. The tree is mostly found in Southeast Asian countries. The Kratom powder is considered to be a medical remedy and a weight loss agent by the people of these countries and is used to treat a wide variety of pain and ailments. The kratom leaves have been found to contain about 20 alkaloids including mitragynine. This alkaloid is a better pain reliever than most medicines you will find on the market.

The powder can also act as a natural stimulant, helping you focus and get work done. These are better than the chemical ones as they have no severe side effects. So, you can get your next workout done in no time without worrying about any hazardous side effects. The powder is also used to treat addicts who need to overcome the withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs such as opium. The best way to consume the medicine is in the form of tea, however, capsules and tinctures of the products are available as well. There are several forms of extracts available so, you can find the strongest kratom for yourself.

Weighted Jump Rope:

Weighted jump rope is a rather unconventional training tool that has recently gained traction. The product weighs about 1 to 2 pounds and is a great way to put yourself up to a challenge. While the jump rope is a great way to build your arm muscles and stamina, the weighted version can target a completely different group of muscles. The rope is available in different styles such as wire cable ropes, leather or beaded ropes. You’ll find your speed and efficiency increased after only a couple of exercises.


We know you might be a bit skeptical about this, however, tires are a great way for some power building. Tires are available in all sizes and shapes so you start with ones that suit your style and strength. You can start from smaller tires like those of cars, or motorbikes and then work your way upward to tractors. Throwing, pulling, dragging, pushing tires are a great way for increasing your muscle mass. And the best part? They might be free. Most folks have to pay to get rid of tires. So, you can take the burden off their shoulders and use them in a creative way at your home gym.

Suspension Trainers:

Suspension trainers are another way to ensure versatile, full body training. The trainers add a bit of instability to the body and help you in all kinds of weight lifting. They can be used for pushups, pull-ups, leg curls or rollouts. The best part is that they can be used easily at home. It uses your own weight to help engage all the muscles in your body. You can buy them from any fitness store.