How To Save for Your Vacations?

Vacations are one of the healthiest ways to spend your holidays. They help you revive the lost energy, get rid of the mundane routine and relieve all the stress and pressure that builds up throughout the year. Unfortunately! The downside to vacations is its high cost and how heavy they are on the pocket, but the good news is, by managing your finances and planning intelligently you might just save enough to go on an amazing family vacation without having to use up your savings.

The trick to this is in investing a small amount of money somewhere which promises a certain percentage of money on the amount every month. The surplus money can be saved in a savings account for your family vacation every year. Some of the ways to invest your money are:

How To Save for Your Vacations?

How To Save for Your Vacations?

Cell towers:

Yes! Leasing cell towers is a thing and it can get you as much as $10,000 a month if you are lucky but this depends on the location and terrain where the cell tower is installed. For leasing your own cell tower you have to hire a cell tower consultants who will get you the best deal. Since they are in the market and know the details of the market price and negotiation tactics, they make sure to get you the best deal. If someone is offering a lease at a higher price of have something fishy in the whole deal. The consultant will find out and deal with the problem right away.

Another thing that matters in the whole cell tower leasing process is the percentage that is being offered by the vendor. This percentage needs to be evaluated with proper analyses so that it proves to be beneficial in the long run.

Moreover, cell towers need to be upgraded and engineered to the newer technology every year which needs to be negotiated and taken care of during the deal. Hence, the only safe way to lease a cell tower is via the help of cell tower consultant.

Lending Club:

Another name for this is peer-to-peer lending. This basically is the process of lending a certain amount which depends on the investor. The money is lent to a person via the lending club and the investor gets a decent amount of return. You are basically investing in other people’s business, the money they get in return of putting your amount in their business helps them to improve their business.

Based on this, you get a return of six percent or more on the principal amount. It does not matter how much return the person is getting on your money. You always get the amount written on the contract. Usually, the amount is given to the investor on a three monthly, six monthly or yearly bases.

Real estate:

This is not a child’s play and is not recommended unless you have a mentor or a good property dealer with you. Some individuals end up losing all they have due to the ups and downs in the real estate but if you play safe and intelligent, you can make a living out of it let along saving for your vacation.

Either you can partner up with a property dealer or go in the real estate on your own. Just make sure you take advises and look at the market trend.

Stock market:

The stock market is one of the safest ways of making money and savings. Don’t over-invest in the stock market, invest small amounts and make money from that. Over-investing will always cause you to lose money. One thing that always works in stock markets is following the famous stock market brokers. They not only give you the trend of the market but also gives you advice on where to invest and how to invest. Following these brokers will always get your profits.