How Long Should A Resume Be

Never underestimate the importance of a great resume. This is your opportunity to give the best first impression to your future employers. Get their attention with a professional and perfect resume rather than have your skills thrown in a random pile. The way to write a good resume involves writing clearly, to successfully communicate all your achievements and skills in a proper way. This all must be done in the most concise way possible. While there is no right or wrong length of a resume, the writing points should help you write the optimum length resume to get you your dream job:

How Long Should A Resume Be

How Long Should A Resume Be

  1. Choose what to add to your resume

You should evaluate whether a skill should be pointed out in your resume, interview or cover letter. Sometimes it is not important to mention an eating contest you won 10 years back if it is not related to the job you are applying. Make sure to mention precise points and skills relative to the job you are applying for. The more focused and concise your resume, the more interested your potential employers will be.

  1. Job experiences are imperative

You should consider which jobs to write up in your resume that are pertaining to your future job. Companies don’t want to read about job experiences 5 or 20 years old that have no relation to the job at hand. Try to evaluate your previous experiences, pick the most suitable ones and write them down to convince your employers of your value and capabilities.

  1. Paragraph formatting makes a difference

Look at the format of your resume with open eyes and weight out different options for writing, whether a small paragraph or a few bullets would more efficiently show what you have accomplished in your previous jobs. Different companies have different formatting and CV requirements, so make sure to research what your employers are looking for before starting on your resume.

  1. Stop using unnecessary tactics

You don’t need to use flashy one-liners or cliff-hangers. These are unnecessary extra words added to your resume that your employers will most probably overlook and may even negatively evaluate you for. Make sure to go over your resume thoroughly to remove and trim out extra facts, words and writing styles. Make sure that everything sounds professional, fluent and accurate. Honesty is great when it comes to a great resume, so instead of exaggerating details, choose to highlight your best experiences and skills perfectly and they should get the rift attention.

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