How Living Near Water Can Benefit Your Health?

Who doesn’t dream to live somewhere near rive shore, sandy beach, or a magnificent lake? This may sound dreamy, but this is not something out of the question because there are plenty of options out there if you want to have water-side residence. You might be setting your heart on this because of the splendid view, but it is actually healthy for you to live in such places.

Lakeside residences are one of the residential development projects that can help you live your dream. A multi-phase residential project is under construction and expected to be completed in 2020. It is located in East Bayfront neighborhood of Toronto’s waterfront. Greenland group is behind this iconic mixed-use venture. The number of suites the whole development will have is yet to be determined by the architectures, Hariri Pontarini Architects.

How Living Near Water Can Benefit Your Health?

Owning one of the units of these high-rise towers means enjoying terrific amenities such as sophisticated seating and ambient lighting, a 24/7 private porter, a shared courtyard guest suites, yoga studio, a gym, theater room, party room with a chef’s kitchen,  lounge area. Plus, there is a terrace that embrace manifold private seating areas. This area is well-found with outdoor firepits as well as the gas bib connections for barbecue stations for occupants’ use. Doesn’t that sound perfect? With its exquisite location and urban culture sophistication, it is an impeccable place to make a home. Register on their website to get platinum access.

A home near a water body can benefit your wellbeing in following ways:

Fresh Air:

The air you get from the sea is charged with negative ions that aids our body absorb oxygen. It also helps to combat free radicals and boost alertness. Residing in the area where you are touched by sea air daily, the serotonin (body chemical attributed to mood) levels remain balanced. Waking up to the refreshing day after a blissful sleep would keep all the negatives at bay. The best part is you would have that feeling of vacation for life.

Soothing Sounds:

People travel thousands of miles to spend their holidays at the places where they can hear soothing sounds water lapping the shores. Imagine you get to hear these comforting sounds daily. You would not have to use sound machines to lull yourself to sleep; you would get it all naturally. If you have experienced spas, you would have an idea that they use sounds of nature to relax their clients. You would have that spa effect at your home. Your life would be more relaxing than the folks living in the hustle-bustle of the cities.

The “Blue Mind” Effect:

Research has been conducted by academics vis-à-vis our personal and emotional relationship with water. The name they give to the result is “Blue Mind.” Water is likely to elicit the soul and body toward it, and it relieves our daily stress. Just as the green spaces in societies lessen stress, the blue mind is one of the benefits of living near water.

Increased Immune Function:

Stress id the biggest enemy of our wellbeing. Reducing a daily dose of stress paves the way to a better way of life. Living near water relaxes our mind and releases stress that has also impact on your immune functions. Waterfront living is the solution to lots of health problem.

Closeness to nature:

This is indeed true that nature soothes our soul. Living near water gives you that chance to feel nature around and have a peace of mind. With peaceful and calm mind, you can combat the war of depression and stress.