Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

The movie Wall-E might be fictional but it does deliver a very important and very powerful message.  Technology can be great but if misused like the citizens in this Disney Pixar film we can definitely count on plenty of unpleasant health disadvantages.  And we are seeing these disadvantages all over in real life.  Technology like smartphones is distracting us from interaction, socialization and from having real-life adventures.  Technology like TV and tabs is consuming our time and leaving little time for exercising and staying fit.  Technology like smartphone calculators make life simple but keep our mind from doing the simplest calculations.

The hoverboard is one of the latest techno developments that are available to the public and the performance of these electrical riders is pretty good considering the fact that it hasn’t been on the market for very long. Hoverboards are plenty of fun and it is absolutely captivating to watch someone else glide smoothly and aimlessly along walkways.

Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

Hoverboarding – It is fun but is it healthy?

But one question remains; are hoverboards healthy?

Well, the simple truth is that hoverboards are not nearly as healthy as taking a good stroll with your own two feet.  Physical exercise is incredibly important especially in our modern lifestyle that consists of mostly sitting while we work, socialize, relax, play and do basically anything else.

But hoverboards certainly aren’t all bad.  In fact, if you really think about it, these fun electrical riders do have quite a few health benefits in store for you like the following;

It’s a break from tech

Yes, a hoverboard is technology but it still gives you a break from technology when you are riding it.  Does that make any sense at all?  Well, it is quite simple.  We all know that spending too much time on those smartphones, tabs and in front of the TV is dangerous.  Screen time overstimulates your brain, isn’t good for your eyes and is very unhealthy.  The one thing you cannot do is hover and minds your phone at the same time.  Hoverboards gives you a good break from tech and focuses your mind on your surroundings, your body and on balance.   Hovering is also great fun and gives kids a good distraction from screen time that can be so addictive.

You do burn some calories

Riding a hoverboard doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as walking but you do still burn about 300 calories for every half an hour spent riding.  While this isn’t much it is still a lot better than sitting there on your sofa while you munch on all sorts of unhealthy snacks.

Enhances concentration

You do need to concentrate quite a lot to keep your balance and to maneuver this little device.  Hoverboards enhance your concentration and keep you focused on your environment, surroundings and your destination.

Improves reflexes

Balancing isn’t enough to keep you on a hoverboard.  You need good reflexes and great body control in order to keep from falling.  Balancing is great for strengthening muscles and this activity also boosts your reflexes.

It is clear to see that hoverboarding isn’t the healthiest thing on hearth but it certainly is a lot healthier than many of the other activities we have become so addicted to in our modern lifestyle.  And to answer the big question; is hoverboarding healthy?  We have to say yes! It is a pretty healthy activity.