Healthier Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

Staying healthy should be fun. Unfortunately, there are aspects of life that make feeling healthy a little bit challenging. And, in those instances, it is natural to seek out the assistance of a medical professional. Sadly, there are a number of health maladies that could be better treated, or alleviated, by healthier alternatives to prescription drugs.

We understand that many people automatically assume we are going to recommend marijuana. However, if your company employs a hair drug test, and you choose to partake in marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, that will be revealed through that test. If you think your company will be checking on you, the site we have linked to can provide you with some hair detox alternatives to help you pass a THC based hair test.

Healthier Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

In truth, we are not advocating or negating the value of marijuana. Instead, we intend to provide you with specific alternatives to prescription drugs.

Try these Alternative Methods to Wellness

Perhaps we are a hugely over-medicated nation. After all, Americans spend over $300 billion on prescription medications every year. And, women are the ones who use prescription drugs the most. Don’t misunderstand our point, drugs prescribed by medical professionals can, and do, save lives. However, it might be time to consider looking at the root issues instead of just filling out a sheet of paper and sending people on their way. Here are some alternative methods to wellness:

  • Pain– Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen is probably the most over prescribed medication in the country. It is used for just about every pain you can imagine. What if people sought out help from chiropractors and acupuncturist for the sake of relieving the real issues, nerve interferences in the spine?
  • High Cholesterol- How many times have you heard people complain about that situation, and tell you about the medications they are taking to alleviate it? Let’s just suppose, for a moment, that they could avoid adding chemicals to their bodies. Did you know that drinking red wine can lower your cholesterol? And that many people could see decreases in levels if they would simply change their diets? Learn more about that approach here.
  • High Blood Pressure– With more than 144 million prescriptions for high blood pressure filled every year, it’s safe to say, “Houston (America) we have a problem.” You can fight high blood pressure with supplements. Increase potassium and magnesium. If it’s really high, consider Coenzyme Q10. For specific information about trying this method out, click this.
  • Hypothyroidism– This is generally a problem for women over 50. The real issue might be a mineral deficiency. However, please get that checked to insure it is not an immune system issue instead. If it’s all about the deficiency, mineral supplements might be a better natural alternative. Talk to your doctor before making that move.
  • Acid Reflux– Herbal relief could be the best option. The problem with taking things like Prilosec, is that they block your body’s natural production of hydrochloric acid which is designed to kill harmful bacteria in your stomach. When it’s blocked, you run the risk of bacteria causing greater infection. Slippery-elm lozenges might be a quick fix that is considerably safer.
  • Infections- As you know, antibiotics are hugely over prescribed. Nasal rinses might be a marvelous alternative. Especially given the number of antibiotic resistant super-bugs there are. Saline solutions are best. Learn more.

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