Have More Fun in Your Home by Practicing Good Pest Control

Does your hair rise at the thought of using your kitchen because there are so many cockroaches swarming about in there during the night?  Are you too fearful of spiders to use your shower?  Are rodents constantly chewing up your vehicle’s electric wiring?  Are mosquitos and bedbugs driving you insane?  Can you see how pests are sucking the fun out of your home life?  It is time to reclaim your home from these unwanted creditors so you can once again relax, enjoy your home to the fullest and be healthier.

Keep your home clean

A clean home is a fun home.  When your home is messy, you don’t just feel confused and messy. You are also luring insects and rodents to your home by leaving food sources and dirty plates around the house.  If these insects and rodents get food in your house, they will see your home as a good place to nest, multiply and they will infest.  When your home is cleaned properly and regularly, you are much less likely to struggle with nasty insect infestations.

Have More Fun in Your Home by Practicing Good Pest Control

How often you should fumigate

A good fumigation will leave your home bug free for up to six months.  Pest control companies like Never Pest can fumigate your home for you and will rid you of all the most commonly found creatures like bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies and more.  The bugs will still be able to enter your home but will quickly die due to the lingering pesticides.

Practice good rodent control throughout the year

Rodents are terrible for your home.  They can cause a lot of damage to your electrical wiring and can even result in house fires.  Rodents are some of the toughest pests to control because they aren’t sensitive to pesticides.  You have to put out poisoned bait or traps to rid your home of such an infestation.  They can also resurface easily because rodents are incredibly fast, mobile and they can squeeze into your home through a tiny hole.  To keep rodent infestations controlled you have to continuously practice good rodent prevention methods by setting out traps and bait every now and then and by keeping an eye out for droppings so you can spot an infestation.

Remove dead animal stench from your home

While you are practicing good rodent control measures, you can easily end up with a dead rat in your home.  The decomposing body will smell terrible and the smell will linger as long as the rodent is decomposing, which can be weeks depending on the climate.  Imagine trying to eat a meal with the smell of decomposing flesh in your home…ew!  Never Pest has good techniques for removing that dead mouse smell in the walls that you can check out on their website.   If you follow their techniques you can get that odor removed from your home easily so you can once again enjoy your house.  The Never Pest site also features some great advice on how to keep rodents from your home and more.