Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

If you are looking for fun ways to support your favorite cause or charity, consider adding an element of health to the mix.  Whether you favor a simple charity walk to support the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, 5K run to fight childhood hunger, or dance-a-thon to improve conditions at your local exercise shelter, exercise and giving often go hand in hand.  If you are interested in supporting a cause in a way that also allows you to focus on healthy, consider the following options.

Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

Charity Walks and Runs

Charity walks and runs are one of the most commonly used options for combining health and charitable giving.  Many are fairly easy to organize if the event will be held on a track, but may take some serious planning if you are looking to have the event take place within city streets.

Funds are raised through registration fees of participating individuals or teams.  In order to determine how many participants can be included, it is important to consider the size of your walking or running area, as well as any time restrictions that may be in place by the owner of the track, or set by the city.

Sponsors will be needed to help offset some of the costs, and may also provide valuable advertising connections within your community.  Additional support will be needed from volunteers, various law enforcement and safety organizations, as well as any representatives of the sites at which the events will take place.


Whether you prefer to dance the night away, bowl until you drop, or marathon a skateboarding event, holding these extended events doesn’t have to be a hassle.  The key to a successful dance-a-thon, or any other activity, is to secure a proper venue for the entire duration, and have the personnel and supplies to support it.

As with charity walks or runs, these events also raise funds through registration fees, as well as through pledges of support tied directly to a participant’s participation.  Additionally, food and beverage vendors can be selected with some, or all, proceeds being directed to the chosen charity.

Since many of these events are based on endurance, you may need a wider selection of volunteers in order to support the entire time period.  Sponsors are also helpful for these events, but you may not need to involve as many local governmental organizations if the activity is contained within a business.

Consider a Challenge

Challenge events often add a twist to the traditional exercise-oriented event paradigm.  For example, instead of hosting a traditional walk or run, consider a team event where one member must remain blindfolded and rely on the guidance of the other.

Fear related challenges have participants taking on anxiety inducing activities, such rappelling, zip lines, and obstacle courses.  These events take your event to the next level by offering something beyond the standard physical charity event.

These events can be based on team or individual participation, and can be adjusted to be appropriate for different age groups or experience levels. This allows you to customize your event into a family-friendly adventure, and adult team building exercise, or a unique individual experience.

With the number of charitable events that also focus on health and fitness, you are sure to find a perfect way to raise money for your cause.