Gear Up For a Fun Festival Camping Trip

Most grand festivals only happen once a year and lasts for only a few days.  It is important to make the most of this short lived time and get in as much of the concerts, traditions, foods and friends as possible. If you are planning on attending a festival in the near future you should consider camping out instead of renting an apartment.

Why camping is better than renting

Renting requires far less gear and set up time than camping but renting an apartment that is far away from the festival could result in missing out on a lot of the fun that happens at night. You will miss out on making new friends and sharing experiences with others.  You will also have to refrain from alcohol because you will have to drive later on and parking can be a major problem if the festival is extremely popular.  If you want to make tons of new friends and get as much out of the festival as you can then you should definitely consider camping out.

Festival Camping Trip

Top gear to take along on your festival camping trip

Camping can be tough for those who are not used to it or to those who find it hard to survive without technology.  You can make the trip much more comfortable by investing in the right type of gear to ease your camping trip.

Tent – Festivals are often crowded and the camping terrains can be a bit too rocky to secure a large tent.  Instead of tagging along a heavy tent try and find a pop up shelter that is just big enough for sleeping and compact enough to transport at ease.Backpacking tent reviews is a great source of guidance to find the right tent for all your purposes.

Sleeping sack–To ensureyou are warm enough during chilly nights, investin a good quality sleeping sack that fold into a compact size.

Day pack – Prevent a constant search for your tent for supplies bygenerating a small day backpack that can contain snacks, sunscreen lotion, a hat, drinks, your wallet, phone and sanitary supplies.

Sanitary equipment – Long waiting lines at bathroom stalls can be tedious.  Stay clean by investing in enough wet wipes and a good amount of water at your tent.

Comfortable clothes – You’re going to be surrounded by hundreds of people and probably want to look good but you should still dress in comfortable clothing and wear all terrain shoes so your trip will not become a blister foot nightmare.

Batteries – Remember to stock up on batteries for your phone, flashlights and other electronic equipment.

Lighting – For your own security it is important to have enough lighting in your tent and to have a small flashlight to your disposal.

Eating – If camp terrains are incredibly compact, it might be wise to budget for takeaway foods instead of tagging along all your groceries.

Enjoy it!

Don’t fret too much about the little things that go wrong.  Camping is meant to be rough so forget about your bad hair and excessive makeup for one day and focus on the people around you and the aspects of the festival instead.