Fun Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office

All entrepreneurs, managers and business owners dread winters because flu seasons are absolutely horrible for the company.  During the flu season, countless businesses struggle to cope with staff shortages which not only affect business and customer services but also stress those few healthy employees left behind on the job tremendously.

It is important to do your best to keep your office areas and staff as healthy as possible.  People that work closely together in the same environment can spread diseases between them easily and results in an office epidemic in just a few hours. 

Here are a few terrific ways to maintain a healthy office area so you can reduce staff sick leave days and enjoy a happy workforce.

Fun Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office
Fun Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office

Get Group Health Insurance

One of the biggest reasons so many employees seems to be ill all the time is that they don’t take adequate care of themselves because they might not have medical insurance.  Group health insurance Florida makes it easier for your employees to take good care of their health.  Instead of bearing through illnesses and symptoms your employees will be much more likely to visit the doctor, get proper medical treatment and recover faster.

Clean the Office

It is so important to maintain a clean work environment when everyone is clustered into the same office space.  Draw up a daily cleaning schedule so you and all employees can keep the office squeaky clean on a daily basis.

Install Hand Sanitation Rules

By simply washing their hands more frequently, your staff can reduce the spread of diseases such as the flu by up to 80%.  Install a few rules in your office to help keep hands cleaner.  Perhaps your employees should be forced to wash hands upon entering the office area.  You can also make it easier to keep hands clean by installing a hand wash station in the office.

Crank Up the Air Conditioner

Bacteria and diseases prefer to grow in hot temperatures.  Cooler office temperature is much healthier to live in because it doesn’t just kill bacteria but the air conditioner also circulates the air better and allows more fresh air into the office.

Get a Humidifier or Dehumidifier

The quality of your office air can affect your health.  Dusty dry air cause sinus conditions and air that is too moist results in bronchiolar conditions. If the air in your office is dry then get a humidifier that can moisten the air and reduce dust in the air.  If the air is too moist then a dehumidifier will create a much cooler environment and will reduce bad odors.

Use Essential Oils in the Office

The right type of essential oils will boost your employees on a psychological level and will also make your office smell fresh.  Lavender oil has a calming effect which means it should probably be avoided in your office unless you don’t mind your employees falling asleep.  Citrus and vetiver essential oils enhance concentration and energy levels which can boost productivity.